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The Green and the Blue - Chapter One

The Green and the Blue - Chapter One
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Rubystandish
Beta: Bookwrm89
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Language, Angst, MPreg
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better
Author's Note:  This is written for MPreg BIg Bang, and it takes place after my Dragon-Verse story,  The Call of Home.  You might want to read that one before this if you already haven't, although it's not really required.

Summary:  After over 1200 years of service, Jack Harkness and his mate, the dragon Ianto Jones, have retired to Ddraig Llyn in order to start a family.  Jack thinks he's going to be the one to carry their children, but the Great Dragons have another idea.  Jack and Ianto have to fight off an unscrupulous land developer who wants their valley while dealing with the fun that only being the first ever pregnant male dragon can bring.

31 January 3246 (Earth Standard Year)


Jack Harkness heard the shuttle’s engines before he saw the craft emerge from behind the mountains.

He raised his hand against the glare of the sky, grinning widely.  The immortal watched as the pilot maneuvered the shuttle in an arc over the lake, and he didn’t need to reach for his comm. to know that it was his daughter, Anwyn, finally arriving from Hubworld. 

A flash of green out of the corner of his eye heralded the arrival of his mate.  The dragon made for the shuttle, pirouetting gracefully around the craft as the ship made a waggling motion with its stubby wings.  Jack laughed as Ianto did the same, banking away and letting the ship come in to land.

Jack headed toward the landing area they’d set up, on what used to be the village green of Ddraig Llyn.  Anwyn brought the shuttle in gently, landing between the pile of natural stone they’d been using for constructing the house and the antigrav crane they’d rented for the construction.  Jack was impressed; their daughter was a hell of a pilot, but then she’d learnt from the best.

He got to the shuttle just as the rear door was opening.  Not giving Anwyn time to react, he threw his arms around her and whirled her around in a circle.  “There’s my girl!” he greeted her, bussing her loudly on the cheek.

“Dad!” she cried, hugging him back as hard as he was hugging her.  Jack loved his daughter fiercely, and had missed her in the little over a month he and Ianto had been on Earth.  Certainly, there’d been longer times between visits, but there was something about this time that brought it home to him that he’d been her father for six hundred years, and in that time he’d often put Torchwood first. 

Well, no more.                                       

The words she’d spoken back on Hubworld would remain with him.  She’d been right; both Jack and Ianto had lived Torchwood for so long, that when Ianto had become ill Jack had only hesitated a little before letting his mate go off on his own.  Anything could have happened, and Ianto would have been alone.

Anwyn pulled back, looking at him, her eyes – just like her Tad’s – scrutinizing him.  “You look good, Dad.”

Jack grinned.  “I’m feeling pretty good.”

Ianto came up behind her, now in his human form, and put his arms around her from behind.  Anwyn leaned back into him as she kept her arms around her Dad, connecting the three of them.   Even though his pregnancy with her had been a surprise, Jack wouldn’t change much of anything, except he would have spent more time with her as she was growing up. 

Anwyn had inherited Jack’s looks and attitude, and Ianto’s human eyes and intelligence.  They were a deadly combination: their daughter had learned early on that, if she couldn’t think her way out of a situation, then she could use the Harkness charm to get her way.

There was a reason Jack had lovingly nicknamed her ‘his little terror’.

Anwyn twisted a little so she could loop an arm around each of their waists; and, since she hadn’t quite inherited their height, she raised up on her toes to kiss them both.

“It’s so good to see you both,” she exclaimed.

“You too, sweetheart,” Ianto said, his arm tightening around her once more.

“Your Tad’s been on the lookout for you since this morning,” Jack teased, winking at his mate.  “I tried to convince him that you wouldn’t be here until this afternoon…”

Ianto rolled his eyes.  “Hush, you.  You’ve seen Anwyn since I have.  I can’t help it if I was a bit…excited.”

“Just a bit?” Jack asked incredulously.

“Well, maybe a little more than that…”

“Quit giving Tad a hard time,” Anwyn chastised.  “I’m here, and that’s all that’s important.  Now…are you going to give me the tour of the new place?”

Jack pouted, then grinned.  “C’mon then, squirt,” he said. 

Together the three of them circled the shuttle, and Jack couldn’t help but notice Anwyn’s gasp.  “We based the outside on the old Green Dragon Inn,” he explained as they walked.  “We managed to salvage a lot of the stone from the rubble and rebuilt the façade.”

The house was indeed almost what Jack could remember.  It was built as a split level, with the ground floor built over a raised underground level, then with a second story and attic above.  Back when the place had been an inn, the lowermost section had been the pub; now it was storage and a place where Ianto could set up a small hoard, instead of keeping it up in the cave as he’d once done.  The ground floor was now living space instead of the main lobby, dining room, kitchen, and office; although it was the same general layout, the lobby had become their living area, and the dining room and kitchen were now just what a house would need, instead of a working inn.  There was also still an office, but they’d designed it the better to keep their links with Torchwood…when they would need such things.

The second floor was bedrooms…one of which Jack hoped Anwyn would make hers permanently.  The only other difference was the attic: they’d converted it to their own sleeping chamber, with the skylight that they’d had in all their homes looking down on the nest that he and Ianto shared.  They’d long ago discarded the bed that they used to keep as well, not needing it anymore.

“Why so big?” Anwyn asked, as they approached the front door.

“Well, there’s your room, of course,” Ianto answered.  “But…we’re hoping to expand the family a bit.”

 “If that’s all right with you,” Jack hurriedly added. 

After Anwyn was born, they’d decided not to have any more children, since it would interfere with their running Torchwood.  There had been times when Anwyn had been raised by nannies and tutors, and Jack was afraid that she might be jealous or take their wanting a family the wrong way.

He ushered them all inside.  The foyer opened up into the large living area, with comfortable couches and chairs and a large entertainment center.  Some of their favorite art pieces were hung on the walls, and a large stone fireplace took up part of the outside wall.

Anwyn didn’t appear to have noticed her surroundings.  Her eyes were large, surprise practically overflowing in them.   “I thought you wanted to stop after me!”

“We did,” Jack admitted.  “But that was because we didn’t want to take time away from building up Torchwood into a galactic force.  After that…well, you know what happened.  We just gave up the idea in favor of work.”

It hadn’t been until Ianto had gotten ill that Jack had realized just what they’d given up.  He’d had two weeks onboard ship to think about what was important to him, and by the time he’d arrived on Earth and had rejoined his mate he’d made the decision that they needed to take some time for themselves.

Their daughter looked between the two of them, as if weighing them up.  That gaze was very much like her Tad’s, and if Jack hadn’t been used to it after all these centuries he might have glanced away.  “Are you sure you can, since you’re back on Earth now?”

It was a valid question, and she didn’t seem to be angry or dismissing it out of hand.  “I couldn’t before because of all the oestrogen in the water, but no one uses oestrogen-based contraceptives anymore.  It will have all washed out of the atmosphere by now.”

Anwyn nodded.  “Does this mean you’ll both be retiring from Torchwood then?”  It sounded like a challenge.

It was a challenge Jack was willing to take.  “For a while,” he said.  “We’re certainly going to cut back a lot, and only work out of London Central if we’re needed.”  He hoped it was enough of an answer for her.

Her eyes darted between them once more, and then she practically jumped them both, hugging them fiercely.  “That’s great news!” she practically shrieked in their ears.

Once they’d been released from their daughter’s embrace, Ianto looked at her and smiled.  “I suppose this means you don’t object to a brother or sister?”

“Are you kidding?” she enthused.  “I’ve been waiting bloody centuries to be an older sister!  Every birthday when I was a kid I’d wish for a little brother or sister when I blew out the candles on my cakes!  And don’t get me started about Christmas!  The only thing that kept me from asking the Earth Dragon was that we weren’t on Earth anymore and I didn’t think he’d hear me!”

Ianto’s look of relief had to mirror Jack’s own.  “We’re glad you think that way,” Ianto said, returning her grin.  “Your Dad and I really want this to work…and we’d like you to live here, with us, for as long as you want.”

Anwyn was practically vibrating in excitement.  “Does this mean I get to retire, too?”

Jack laughed.  It was the very last question he’d been expecting; she was a bit too much like him, loving the adventure of it all.  “If that’s what you want, sweetie,” he said.  “After nearly four hundred years of service, I think you’ve earned it!”

“Then let’s finish this tour,” she grinned.  “I want to pick out my room!”


After the tour, the three of them began to unload the shuttle.  Dark clouds were beginning to loom over the mountains, and Jack hoped they’d have time to get everything finished before it let loose on them.

At one point in the unpacking, Jack came upon Anwyn and Ianto, talking quietly, his daughter’s hand resting on something…taking a step closer he could see it was one of his and Ianto’s mating posts. 

He remembered the day that they’d been presented to him and Ianto.  It had come at the end of a difficult time, and Jack hadn’t been certain that it was right, after everything that had happened.  But circumstances – and the four very persuasive Dragon-friends that had carved them in secret – had convinced him that he’d needed to reach for what he wanted, when the opportunity presented itself.  It had been their first – and only – true dragon mating.   

“ – someday,” Ianto was saying, his own hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah, I know,” Anwyn sighed.  “It just seems like it’s taking forever.”

Ianto laughed.  “Don’t worry.  After all, it took me only two thousand years to find your Dad.”

“True.  It’s just that…I’ll never get to mate like you and Dad did.  I guess I wish I could do it that way, too.”

The sadness in his daughter’s voice made Jack step forward, but before he could take her in his arms Ianto had beat him to it, pressing a kiss to her dark hair.  “If you’re meant to, there will be a way.  There was for Jack and I.  Just give it time, all right?”

Anwyn pulled back, favoring the dragon with a knowing smirk.  “And in the meantime I get to spoil whatever siblings you give me absolutely rotten.”

“You would,” he snorted.  “Now, let’s get the rest of these things unloaded before it snows.  If your Dad would stop standing there and help out a little…?”

“Hey!” Jack exclaimed.  “I’m just admiring the father-daughter moment going on.”

Ianto rolled his eyes good-naturedly.  “I know, Jack.  Now, please come and help.”

Jack winked at his mate and his daughter, feeling like he truly was home.

Chapter Two

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