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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Two

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Two
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Rubystandish
Beta: Bookwrm89
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Language, Angst, MPreg
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better
Author's Note:  This is written for MPreg BIg Bang, and it takes place after my Dragon-Verse story,  The Call of Home.  You might want to read that one before this if you already haven't, although it's not really required.

Summary:  After over 1200 years of service, Jack Harkness and his mate, the dragon Ianto Jones, have retired to Ddraig Llyn in order to start a family.  Jack thinks he's going to be the one to carry their children, but the Great Dragons have another idea.  Jack and Ianto have to fight off an unscrupulous land developer who wants their valley while dealing with the fun that only being the first ever pregnant male dragon can bring.

31 January 3246 (Earth Standard Year)

They’d barely gotten everything into the large front room before the bottom dropped out of a sky that had been threatening for hours.

Ianto set the very last box down, dusting his hands off on his trousers.  “I’ll make the coffee, shall I?”

“Yes, please!” Anwyn answered, before Jack could even open his mouth.  “It’s been ages since I’ve had one of your coffees, Tad.”

Jack laughed.  “Shame on you, you’ve even addicted your daughter.”

Ianto arched an eyebrow at him.  “She just has excellent taste…like her Tad.”  He turned and headed into the kitchen. 

Pulling one of the boxes open, Jack began to rifle through its contents.  “I’m not sure where we’re putting all this stuff yet, but knowing your Tad he has a plan.”  Even after so many years, Ianto Jones was still the most organized person he’d ever met.

“I don’t doubt it,” Anwyn returned.  She was checking the carryalls she’d brought with her, containing her own personal belongings.

“We’ll get your bags up to your room in a bit,” he said, settling in at another of the boxes.  He frowned, seeing all the hard copy files within, in protective cases.  “Ianto!” he called.  “Why did you have Anwyn bring all these files with her?”  They didn’t look like official Torchwood documents.

“Those are our personal papers,” Ianto answered, popping his head back into the room.  “I wanted to make certain we’d be ready if anyone tried to claim the land from us that we had everything we needed to prove ownership.  After that run-in with that official who showed up after we started construction I didn’t want to take a chance.”

“Makes sense,” Jack said, putting the files back in the box.

“What happened?” Anwyn asked, sitting herself down next to him.

“About a week into rebuilding,” Jack explained, “we had a visitor wanting to know what we planned on doing with the valley.  Of course we told him we were the owners, but Ianto wasn’t so sure he believed it.”

“I doubt they even knew we were here until we drew attention to ourselves,” Ianto added, returning with three mugs balanced in his hands.  He sounded angry, and Jack couldn’t blame him.

On present-day Earth, land was at a premium and any unclaimed land was worth its weight in whatever precious metal a person could name.  However, Ianto had long ago purchased this valley, using a large part of his hoard, in an attempt to protect his home from any unwanted land-grabbers.  Later on the then-King of England had made a land grant extending well into the mountains as a repayment for services rendered, and everything had been left in perpetuity to Ianto Jones, transferable only by him. 

Ianto passed out the coffees, taking a seat in a chair near the sofa where Jack and Anwyn sat.   Jack watched in amusement as Anwyn inhaled the rich aroma of the coffee before taking a sip.

She made a small moaning noise.  Jack didn’t want to think that his daughter knew what an orgasm sounded like, but really…she was nearly six hundred years old.  She really wasn’t his baby girl any more.

“She gets that from you,” Ianto accused, taking his own sip.

 “I don’t know what you mean,” Jack answered, trying to sound innocent.  He tasted his own coffee, and the unconscious moan echoed Anwyn’s.

“See?” the dragon pointed out, somewhat primly.

Jack couldn’t deny it.  He laughed.


Lightning flashed, pulling Jack from his doze against his mate’s side.   He shifted slightly, wanting to get a look out of the skylight. 

It was still snowing, flakes sliding down the reinforced glass to collect on the sill.  Jack wondered how many inches they’d gotten, and despaired of them being able to get any work done outside in the morning.  He knew Ianto didn’t mind the snow, but Jack didn’t really care for it himself, having got used to the lack of it on Hubworld. 

Another flash of lightning surprised him.  Now, that just wasn’t usual at all.  He sat up, to get a better look out of the window.  It was completely dark outside, the snow obscuring everything.  Then Jack realized that, while there’d been lightning, there’d been no thunder following. 

Suddenly, against the snow, was a shape.

It twisted among the flakes, a shadow among shadows.  Slitted eyes the color of the deepest, purest water caught his.

Aquamarine scales caught yet another strobe of lightning, and Jack knew at once what he was looking at.

The Water Dragon.

His heart beat faster, not knowing why the Water Dragon would be there, now, and in the middle of a snowstorm.

Spurred on by an instinct he couldn’t name, Jack rose from the nest he and Ianto had made, and after putting on some clothing he made his quiet way down to the ground floor.  He put on his coat and boots and then headed outside.

In the time it had taken for him to dress and get downstairs, it had stopped snowing.

Jack stepped outside.  Somehow a path in the snow had been cleared, and Jack followed it down toward the lakeside, his boots squishing through the soaked grass.  All around him snow lay inches deep, pristine and white under a moon that had appeared as quickly as the storm had vanished. 

The lake that gave the valley one part of its name lay placid, no waves marking where it touched the shore.  He and Ianto had had their mating there…well, the actual place was now under water, since the glacial ice from the tall mountains had melted off over a thousand years ago.  Now, the Earth was regaining some of its temperature equilibrium, and the snow had come back to the peaks surrounding them. 

He reached the shoreline.  Everything was quiet, as if the planet was holding its breath.  Jack scanned the lake, breathing in the crisp winter air, waiting for whatever was to come.

“Welcome home, son.”

Jack smiled as the Water Dragon appeared, hovering just off the surface of the placid lake.  His blue eyes were smiling as he moved toward Jack, claws settling daintily onto the cold ground.  He wrapped his wings around his body, the moonlight glittering on aqua-colored scales.

“Thank you,” Jack answered, “it’s good to be home.”  It was; very much so.

“We have missed both of our sons, and look forward to knowing our granddaughter,” the dragon said.  “But tonight…tonight, a miracle is going to happen here.  Are you ready?”

Jack’s heart raced.  He wanted to ask what sort of miracle, but he knew the Great Dragons well enough by now that coming out with that question would only get him a riddle.  Instead, he simply nodded.

“Excellent.  Then let us begin.”



The dragon stirred, missing his mate’s warmth immediately.  He sat up, looking around the room for Jack, and not finding him. 

He reached out with his senses, feeling for his mate.  The Vortex that made Jack immortal was like an itch at the back of his head, and it was just distant enough that the dragon didn’t think he was even in the house anymore.

Rising, he glanced out of the large skylight.  It had stopped snowing, and the moon was shining against the snow, making it brighter outside than it usually would have been.  With the tilt the window was set in, it was hard to see the lake, but if the dragon craned his neck in just the right way, he could just see Jack by the shore…and it looked as if he was sticking something into the ground.

Were those their mating posts?

Quickly changing back into human form, Ianto got dressed and headed downstairs.  He almost ran into Anwyn on the way; she looked confused.  “I felt something was going on,” she answered quietly.  “I couldn’t go back to sleep, and I saw Dad out the window…”

“He’s up to something,” Ianto said, grabbing his boots from the cupboard by the front door.  He didn’t bother with a coat; the cold didn’t bother him.  Anwyn took down her own coat, and together they left the house, walking down toward the lake.

Jack was driving the last post into the muddy ground as they approached.   He smiled at them, and Ianto returned it, seeing something in his mate’s eyes that sent his heart beating wildly.  “What is it, Jack?” he asked quietly, afraid to break the magical atmosphere that seemed to descend over them.

“It’s a miracle,” Jack answered, taking a step within the circle of the posts.

A golden glow surrounded him, and Ianto watched in some strange combination of shock, joy, and awe as his mate transformed into the blue-gray dragon he’d only seen once, so many centuries ago. 

Anwyn squeaked beside him, but Ianto barely noticed as his feet took him into the circle.  On the first step over he also changed, shedding his human form and regaining his natural shape, to stand next to his mate.

A sinuous neck curled around his own, and the dragon sighed, leaning into the warm body of his mate.  He began to sing the Mating Song, and Jack joined him, their entwined voices echoing over the still valley.  He felt his heart swelling within him, as the mating urge rolled over him like a tidal wave of feeling.

Letting out a loud roar, he launched himself upward.

An accompanying roar followed him, as did the beloved form of his mate.  The wind whistled under his emerald wings, and he laughed with the overwhelming joy of the moment, knowing that this was, indeed, a miracle as Jack had said.

Out of the corner of his eye, the dragon caught a flash of blue-gray, and with a beat of his powerful wings he outpaced his mate again, the stars above them sharp pinpricks of light that he was reaching for. 

The mating imperative grew, and he laughed again, knowing that his mate would eventually win their race, but craving the excitement of the chase.  He let a small gout of flame escape his nostrils as he pushed higher into the sky, reaching for those stars that he’d walked among for so long as a part of Torchwood.

The tell-tale tingle of Vortex energy barely warned him of his mate’s closeness before powerful claws grabbed him around the shoulders, trapping his wings between their bodies.  The dragon shrieked as their upward momentum slowed, the only thing keeping them flying were the strong blue-gray wings beating against gravity.

Their bodies wound around each other, and his mate’s arousal pressed against him.  He raised his snout to the heavens, and began to sing, the Song of Eternity flowing through him and out of him even as his mate’s voice joined his own.  He wrapped his tail around his mate’s body, pushing himself back toward the waiting erection, begging to be claimed as he’d once claimed his mate, so long ago.

The song was all; the imperative was all.  The wind was screaming past them as they plummeted toward the ground, and his mate pushed deep inside him, sharp pain giving way to intense pleasure as they lost themselves in the moment of connection, of the completion of their mating. 

They screamed their mutual orgasms to the sky, and then they were separate once more, wings unfurling to catch the updrafts.  The dragon flew a complex pattern around his mate, who was laughing as he dodged a playful swipe of one wing, returning the gesture with a tail flip that smacked lightly against green scales. 

He landed on an outcrop, and his mate landed next to him.  A warm, scaled body curled up next to his, and he reveled in the contact, purring as a blue-gray head rubbed against his, the sides of their snouts brushing against each other in the dragon equivalent of kissing.  A puff of hot air tickled his ear, and he snorted softly.  “How did this happen?” he whispered, not wanting this to end.

“As I said,” his mate answered, “it’s a miracle.”

“Can this happen again?”  He didn’t want this to end.

“I don’t know, but I want it to.  I want you like this, as much as I want your human form.  You’re beautiful to me, either way.”  To prove his words, his mate practically crawled on top of him, and it was obvious that he was, once again, interested.

The dragon laughed.  “You’re insatiable.”

“But you already knew that about me.”  The leer in his voice was priceless.

“I do hope Anwyn doesn’t wait up for us.”

“I think she’ll get the hint.” 

The dragon felt his mate nuzzle just behind his ear, and he gave up worrying about their daughter as his mate made love to him once more.

Chapter Three



No words...nothing....pure joy is as close as I can get to expressing how much I am enjoying this...
D xxx
Thank you! *hugs*


aaaawwww. Finally! this wonderful dream made it has ​​so long ago is finally body.
I am very very very happy for Jack and Ianto.
it gives me such pleasure.
I hope that this miracle is sustainable and irreversible!

PS: luckily Ianto took all his papers to prove her right. I hope this will suffice!

Re: lovely

Yes, they get their mating finally.

We'll see what happens.. :)
Wonderful. Yeah dragon mating and it was so sweet. And hot all at the same time.
Oh, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it, hon. :)