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Myfanwy 2

November 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Four

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Four
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Rubystandish
Beta: Bookwrm89
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Language, Angst, MPreg
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better
Author's Note:  This is written for MPreg BIg Bang, and it takes place after my Dragon-Verse story,  The Call of Home.  You might want to read that one before this if you already haven't, although it's not really required.

Summary:  After over 1200 years of service, Jack Harkness and his mate, the dragon Ianto Jones, have retired to Ddraig Llyn in order to start a family.  Jack thinks he's going to be the one to carry their children, but the Great Dragons have another idea.  Jack and Ianto have to fight off an unscrupulous land developer who wants their valley while dealing with the fun that only being the first ever pregnant male dragon can bring.

14 May 3246 (Earth Standard Year)


Ianto felt content. 

He sat in his favorite chair, feet up, and reading one of his favorite books, The Scarlet Pimpernel, one hand resting on his quickly expanding stomach.  It had been a quiet month, giving him plenty of time to get used to the idea that he was, in fact, a pregnant male dragon.  A pregnant male dragon, carrying twins, of all things. 

It had taken about a week for the shock to completely wear off.

The rest of the month was dealing with Jack’s penchant to hover.

Honestly, he couldn’t blame his mate.  Ianto had been the same way, when Jack had been carrying Anwyn.  And this was twins; that made this a high-risk pregnancy even if he wasn’t a male, and a dragon to boot.  Dr. Sakai still wasn’t certain how he was going to deliver, although a caesarian was a foregone conclusion.  But he also knew that female dragons had to stay in dragon-form while giving birth, and Ianto’s scales were practically impenetrable by most normal knives and scalpels. 

The doctor still didn’t know how he’d become pregnant, and Ianto didn’t explain about the Great Dragons.  Most scientists had issues with mysticism; even Jack had, at the beginning of their relationship.  Now of course he accepted it as part of their lives, but it had been hard to convince him of it. 

He wondered if the babies would have a human form, or dragon.  Ianto was praying for dragon.  He remembered his father teaching him to fly; his first leap of faith off the mountain, following his father as they soared over the valley, the dragon-friends of the village watching and cheering him on.   Ianto wanted that, to be able to teach his children how to fly, to have the joy of their first flights over their home. 

“And just how long have you been on that page?” Jack’s voice pulled him from his thoughts.

Ianto smirked.  “I should just give up reading as a lost cause at the moment, I think.”

“Care to share what’s got you so distracted?”  Jack perched on the arm of the chair, his hand resting on the back of Ianto’s neck, stroking through the short hairs there.

Ianto practically purred.  “Just wondering about these two, and what they’re going to be: human, or dragon.”

“I don’t care, as long as they’re healthy,” Jack replied.  “Although I hope dragon, because there needs to be more dragons in the world.”

Ianto tilted his head up, offering himself up for a kiss.  Jack gladly took the offer, and Ianto moaned softly at the sensual feel of his mate’s lips and tongue against his own.  He would never get tired of kissing Jack.

“You know,” Anwyn’s voice interrupted, “when I was a lot younger, I thought that was quite disgusting.”

The mates broke apart.  Ianto looked up, and saw their daughter standing in the entry, her hands on her hips and grinning widely. 

“Then it’s a good thing you’re not that young anymore,” Jack teased. 

She laughed.  Anwyn had been hovering almost as much as her Dad, and she was always checking to see if she could do anything for him.  “You two make me have hope for my own future,” she conceded, flopping down on the sofa.

“Some day, sweetheart,” Ianto comforted.

“I know,” she answered, smiling slightly.  She opened her mouth to say something else, when Jack’s wrist strap began to beep.

It had been centuries since the Vortex Manipulator had been used for anything but a place where Jack stored his passcodes and as a way to make certain he would be the first to get any alarms or important signals.   For it to be going off now…Jack checked it, and frowned, jumping to his feet.  “Someone just tried to bypass security on our computer system here.”

Ianto also frowned, standing and following his mate to the office, which was situated under the stairs in the same area that the former inn’s own office had been.  As he approached they could both hear an incessant beeping. 

“I’m suspecting someone tried to hack us,” was Jack’s answer, as he slid into the chair at the desk.  Ianto stood behind him, watching as Jack set to work, to see what was causing the alarm.

Ianto growled as the information came up on the screen.  Someone had tried to get into their home system, and might have succeeded if not for the levels of security Ianto had installed on the computer.  Yes, it was a home system, but both he and Jack often used it for Torchwood business, and the last thing they needed was someone unauthorized getting Torchwood secrets.

“Let me see if I can track them back,” Ianto urged.  Of the two, he was the better at computers…at least, this century’s computers.  Sometimes things were still just a bit too primitive for Jack…or that was the story he told.  Ianto usually just rolled his eyes and let him get away with it.

They traded places, and Ianto dove into the system, trying to get some idea as to who even tried to get past his defenses.  He’d learned from the best – Toshiko Sato – and his knowledge had only grown over the centuries.  It would be very hard for anyone to hide from him. 

Whoever had tried was good.  They’d covered their tracks, but the dragon was determined to find out who had attempted to invade their privacy, and he followed the tenuous trail back to its home base.

“Brock and Tenemyer,” he said, confused.   He was also angry, that someone would have tried to hack into their computer.  “Let’s see how they like it when someone gets into their systems!”   His fingers flew across the keyboard, programming in various forms of revenge.

Jack’s laugh sounded in his ear.  “Just what do you have in mind?”

“Is Tad being evil again?” Anwyn asked, her own voice tinged with laughter.

“Yes he is, sweetheart,” Jack answered, sounding enthralled.  “Watch and learn…”

Ianto snorted.   “I’m simply causing a feedback loop in their hybrid processors, which should make a mess of their computing network.  That will teach them not to go poking their noses around my system.”

“I love it when you’re vengeful,” Jack whispered in his ear, in a tone that was guaranteed to make the dragon shiver. 

Ianto’s fingertips stilled for just a second.  “Later,” he promised. 

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Jack said, standing back a little.

The dragon went back to work.  As much as he missed the feel of Jack’s breath on his ear, his mate could be the biggest distraction on the planet.  And it didn’t help that his own sex drive had increased since his pregnancy.   It was a damned good thing Jack didn’t need to sleep much.

After a few minutes, he sat back.  “Done,” he said, satisfied.  “Really, I don’t know why people think it’s a good idea to try and hack in.”

“How about a search on whoever tried to get in?”  Jack asked, leaning against the back of the chair. 

“Good idea.”  It only took a few seconds to find Brock and Tenemyer. 

“That’s the logo that was on the shuttle,” Anwyn exclaimed.  “You know, the one that set down here the day we found out about Tad… “

Jack snapped his fingers.  “Oh yeah, I remember. “

“And that man, thinking he had a right to take our home away from us,” Ianto growled angrily.  He’d thought they’d sent the man packing, and that they wouldn’t hear from anyone anymore about it.  It looked like he’d been wrong.

“Calm down,” Jack’s gentle voice and gentle hand on his shoulder helped ground him.  “You can’t risk your blood pressure going too high.”

His mate was right.  Dr. Sakai had made it perfectly clear that, this being a multiple birth, that there was greater chance of high blood pressure and other complications, compounded with it being a male pregnancy and him being a dragon as well.  This was virgin territory for all concerned.

Ianto took a deep breath, nodding at his mate.  “I’m fine,” he said, “but we’re going to need to do something about this company if we’re ever going to get some peace.”  He realized they must have been after his proof of ownership of Ddraig Llyn, and it was a good thing that it was stored safely at Torchwood Central.

“Tad’s right,” Anwyn replied.  “They’re just gonna keep trying.”

“I agree,” Jack said, “which is why I think it’s time Torchwood’s Director go and have a little chat with Brock and Tenemyer’s CEO.”


The offices of Brock and Tenemyer took up the top five floors of a tower that had been erected on what had once been Piccadilly.  The sun glittered off its glass-panel walls, as if trying to outdo the other buildings packed up against it in sheer flash.

Jack strode into the main lobby, his coat flowing dramatically about him, the heels of his boots thumping against the tiled floor.  The place was like any other high-rise, and it bothered Jack that Earth had built itself up so much that it no longer resembled the planet that he’d fought for, for so long.  Of course, he knew this time in history was one of growth and expansion for the Earth Empire, and he knew how it would look from his own time.  He was glad that things would get better, but for now his focus was saving one Welsh valley from becoming just another built-up area.

He approached the reception desk.  A young blonde woman sat there, and she looked up when Jack reached her position.  “May I help you?”  she asked politely.

 “Yes,” Jack answered, favoring her with a friendly smile.  “I’d like to see Leonard Brock, please.”  He normally would have flirted with her, but he wasn’t in the mood.

It had been hard to leave Ianto back home, but Anwyn was with him, and Jack didn’t want to bring the dragon into what would most likely be a stressful situation.  He knew Ianto wouldn’t do anything to risk their twins, but honestly Jack didn’t trust anyone who would try to use underhanded methods to steal Ianto’s home.  It just proved the man was a coward, and a coward tended to use anything at his disposal to gain an upper hand.  No, it was better that Jack face them himself, and trust his mate and daughter to come to his rescue if needed.

Not that Jack didn’t think he could handle a stuffed-shirt bureaucrat. 

“Do you have an appointment?”

“No,” Jack answered, “but I know he’ll want to see me, if you tell him it’s Director Jack Harkness from Torchwood.”

The woman’s well-sculpted eyebrows went up at that.  She reached for her comm., pressing two buttons on her computer in quick succession.   A beat later, she spoke into her headset, telling whoever it was on the other end who was there and who they wished to see.   Her dark eyes glanced up at him, and she nodded once.  “You can go on up, Director Harkness,” she said politely.  “Mr. Brock’s office is on the 60th floor, on the right as you leave the lift.”

“Thanks,” he said cordially, heading toward the bank of lifts behind the desk.

The trip up to the 60th floor took hardly any time at all, thanks to the state-of-the-art frictionless lift system that had been installed in the building.  Jack might have been impressed if he didn’t already know that the chrome and glass lift cage was simply in order to awe whoever ascended the building.

He took the time that the upward trip covered to go over what Ianto had found out about Leonard Brock.  The man had built his company from the ground up, until Brock and Tenemyer was one of the premier land trading companies on Earth as well as several other worlds.  From the records the dragon had dug up, Brock wasn’t above underhanded tactics if it meant he got his way. 

Well, if Jack had to do it that way, he would.  However, for the sake of his family he preferred to deal with things aboveboard. 

The doors slid open with a quiet pinging sound, and Jack came out of the lift as if propelled.  Brock’s office was obvious; it had a glassed-in reception area, where a red-head who reminded Jack forcibly of the long-gone Donna Noble sat at an ostentatious-looking desk.  Artwork from half a dozen systems hung from the three walls that were solid, while gold-trimmed lettering on the glass wall said ‘Leonard Brock’ in old-fashioned calligraphy.   

He pushed the door open, putting on a smile for the personal assistant.  “Torchwood Director Jack Harkness to see Leonard Brock,” he said, his eyes taking in his surroundings.   Maybe he was being paranoid, but he didn’t want any surprises.

“Of course,” the woman answered, her own face remaining a carefully crafted professional mask.   “Mister Brock said for you to go right in.”

Jack did so.

The inner door was of solid oak; none of the composite material that was so popular.  Just another sign of having more money than a person knew what to do with, Jack thought as he entered Leonard Brock’s office. 

The interior was just as posh as the door.   Carpet so thick he could feel his boots sinking into it and a blue so deep it was almost black ran wall-to-wall, with bookshelves and trophy cases lining those same walls, all of which were of the same oaken paneling as the door…and the huge desk that took up a large chunk of the room.   Ceiling to floor windows made up the entire rear wall, giving a bird’s-eye view of London Island, over the wall and the glittering waters of the Thames Sea beyond. 

The man behind the desk was equally rich.

Leonard Brock wore a suit that would have made Ianto drool.  The man was in his fifties, with salt and pepper hair and piercing brown eyes.  He was rail-thin, but it wasn’t an unhealthy size; more thin and wiry.  He wasn’t unhandsome, but something in his manner convinced Jack that Brock wasn’t his type…not that he’d have done anything, being mated and all.

“Director Harkness,” Brock stood, offering his hand. 

Jack accepted the hand, going for politeness.  “Mister Brock.”

“Please,” Brock waved him toward the rather plush visitor’s chair.  “Have a seat.”

Jack did so, and Brock followed suit.  “Now,” the man said affably, “how can I help Torchwood?”

“Actually,” Jack began, “I’m here to discuss your ham-handed attempts to gain my family’s property.”

He had to give Brock credit; he was a very fine actor.  “I don’t know what you mean.”

“I think you do.”  Reaching into his pocket, Jack pulled out a flimsy; it was a copy of the most recent survey map of Ddraig Llyn.  He reached across the desk, sliding the survey toward Brock.  “This is my family’s property.  My mate owns the entire valley and the mountains around, and has done for over a thousand years.  We have the documentation to prove it, which I believe we’ve already turned copies of over to your representative.  And, we traced an attempt to hack into our home computer to your office.  Now, I bet if I went down into your main computer bay, I would find quite a few toasted servers, thanks to my mate and his security protocols.”  He leaned back in his chair, pinning Brock with his best three thousand-year stare.   “Are we really going to dance around each other here?”

“I see your reputation for cutting to the heart of the matter is well deserved,” Brock answered, smiling slightly.

“I’ve done my best to earn it,” Jack said.  “I would appreciate it if you would leave my family alone.  Ddraig Llyn belongs to my mate, and as I said has for a very long time.”

“This is where we must disagree,” Brock said, sounding completely reasonable.  “As far as we’ve been able to determine, that land has been abandoned for over six hundred years.  That means it can be claimed under the Land Use Act of 2910.”

“We’ve given you the paperwork to prove the claim,” Jack pointed out.  “And, if it’s been abandoned for that long, why hasn’t someone come along and tried to take it before now?”

Brock frowned.  “For some reason, the valley didn’t seem to show up on any sort of scan before now.  It’s a mystery, I know.  However, be that as it may, we’ve been able to prove the abandonment of the land, and we intend on claiming it now.  As for the supposed ownership documents, there isn’t any proof that what we’ve been given is authentic; it’s simply a copy of a scan.  How do we know you actually have them?”

Jack had to admit the man had a point, but wasn’t about to acknowledge it.  The original documentation was over a thousand years old, and in delicate shape.  “Everything that we have is also available on the database of the Welsh land rolls, which date back to the eighteen hundreds.  Ownership is easily proven through that.”  He knew this was true; Ianto had checked before Jack had left that morning.   The database was always considered the last word in property transactions.

As for the valley not showing on orbital scans…well, it wouldn’t have been the first time the Great Dragons had shielded the valley like that.

“As I have said,” Brock replied, “we’re claiming the property under the abandoned land rules in the Land Use Act of 2910.   According to those guidelines, any property must have been abandoned for fifty years and then it can be claimed.  From what we’ve discovered no one has lived there for a very long time.  That makes it fair game.”

“Not exactly,” Jack denied.  He was very glad that Ianto had done his research.   “I believe the guidelines also state that, to be determined as abandoned, that no tax has to have been paid on the property in that time.”

“That is true,” Brock conceded.  “We’ve been unable to find any sort of tax record on file for the land in question.”

“That’s because,” Jack said, “the original land grant from the then-Ruler of the United Kingdom states that the property should be held tax-free in perpetuity.  In fact, I believe ‘in perpetuity’ is used quite a bit on that particular document.”

Brock’s eyes narrowed, and Jack felt as if he’d scored a hit.  “We’re contesting the land grant, as being unreasonable and far too open-ended to be a proper document.  And, without actually seeing the document in question, to authenticate it, I don’t think that you have a leg to stand on.”

“I’ve spoken to our solicitor,” Jack said, “and he foresaw that.  At this moment, he’ll be contacting your own to arrange to have the original documents authenticated.  When it’s been done, then I do expect you to leave us alone.”

With that, he stood.  While he didn’t want the originals of the land grant and bill of sale out of Torchwood Central, he knew it was the only way to prove that Ianto did, indeed, own Ddraig Llyn.  And Jack wasn’t about to let his mate’s birthplace be taken away.

“We’ll be seeing each other at the authentication meeting,” he said, this time not even offering to shake Brock’s hand.   “In the meantime, I’d appreciate it if you and your people would stay the hell away from my home.”  With those parting words, Jack left Brock’s office, his coat swirling around him.

He had a feeling he hadn’t seen the last of the dirty tricks.

Chapter Five


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It'll be all right... :)

Hurry back!
*is angry*

Jack and Ianto shouldn't have to fight this hard for something that is legally theirs.

Um - I noticed a small continuity thing - Jack asks to see Joseph Brock, and then goes in to Leonard Brock's office. Not sure if that is supposed to be that way, or not. Thought I'd let you know.
Very true, but you know people are greedy.

LOL...now I get to tease my beta for not noticing that. *goes to fix*
Glad to be of service! :)

I always wonder if I should point out the little things I sometimes (read: always, if it is there) notice. I know I shouldn't let it bother me, as I miss stuff in my own things, but still. I just think it makes me sound like a picky, pouty bitch!
Oh, please do! I don't mind, because I - and my beta - don't always catch everything. An extra set of eyes is a good thing!

Nope, not a bitch at all. :)
*laughs* It's my character and I didn't catch it either.
I'm afraid it takes many arguments over ... "solid". Can be prove that this business works sometimes fraudulently.
This man has a point with the unoccupied ...

Ianto mothered by Jack ... Beautiful image!
This guy isn't very nice at all, I'm afraid.

Oh, I know! I love that image myself. :)