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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Five

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Five
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Rubystandish
Beta: Bookwrm89
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Language, Angst, MPreg
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better
Author's Note:  This is written for MPreg BIg Bang, and it takes place after my Dragon-Verse story,  The Call of Home.  You might want to read that one before this if you already haven't, although it's not really required.

Summary:  After over 1200 years of service, Jack Harkness and his mate, the dragon Ianto Jones, have retired to Ddraig Llyn in order to start a family.  Jack thinks he's going to be the one to carry their children, but the Great Dragons have another idea.  Jack and Ianto have to fight off an unscrupulous land developer who wants their valley while dealing with the fun that only being the first ever pregnant male dragon can bring.

20 July 3246 (Earth Standard Year)


Ianto hauled himself up onto the examination table, letting Dr. Sakai help him.  At nearly six months pregnant, he felt huge and ungainly; his doctor had laughed when he’d complained about it, countering with the comment that, with twins, it was to be expected.  He felt like his human body was about to pop.

“In another month,” the physician said, getting her scanners ready, “I’ll be making house calls.”

Ianto agreed.  At seven months he’d change into a dragon and stay that way until the twins were born, although how that was going to happen was yet a matter for debate.  He hadn’t developed any other female birth organs, and it worried him that they wouldn’t be able to get through his extremely tough dragon hide to cut the babies out. 

Jack had been helping him set up his old lair in the mountains, knowing that the dragon wouldn’t want to be trapped inside the house for those months when he couldn’t change back to human.  Ianto had noticed that, when transformed, he didn’t feel nearly as large, and was already spending more and more time in his true form, even to the point of building a small nest down in the living area, so the family could spend time together.  Anwyn and Jack had had to move furniture to make it work, but it did, and Ianto was grateful to his family for accommodating him like that.

Dr. Sakai also helped him loosen his clothing, then positioned the handheld scanner over his protruding belly.  Ianto sighed, letting her work, his mind going over what he and Jack needed to do in order to finish work on the lair.  They’d already moved much of his hoard into the old cavern and Ianto had indulged and placed orders for all sorts of blankets, cushions, and pillows, which had prompted Jack into teasing him about being a hedonist.  To which Ianto had primly replied that Jack had known that about him when he’d mated with him, and that it was a bit late to be bringing it up now. 

“There they are,” Dr. Sakai said in satisfaction.

Ianto lifted his head up, and his breath caught as he saw his and Jack’s ‘miracles’ on the large scanner screen hanging on the wall.  The two tiny dragons were curled around each other, their delicate wings folded against their bodies, necks and tails entwined. 

“Can you get me a picture of that?” he breathed, charmed by the closeness the babies were showing.

“Absolutely.”  Dr. Sakai didn’t react as if this was a new request; after all, Ianto asked every time he had a scan done.  He’d made up a small scrapbook of images of the twins’ development.

“I’m surprised Director Harkness or Captain Harkness-Jones isn’t with you,” the doctor commented, continuing her work.

Ianto frowned, losing his good mood.  “They had business to take care of.”  Brock and Tenemyer had been quiet since Jack had had that talk with Leonard Brock until two days ago, when a summons to appear before an arbiter had arrived.  Knowing that Ianto had his check-up today, Jack and Anwyn had agreed to attend, along with their solicitor.  It frustrated him, knowing that his family was fighting for their home and that he was stuck, not being able to help. 

He and Jack had talked about using their Torchwood authority to get the claim quashed, but that would only solve things in the short term; if the claim wasn’t substantiated without doubt, someone could come back later and try the same tactics.  No, it was best to do this properly, and make it impossible for anyone else to attempt it.

Still, it surprised Ianto that Brock hadn’t backed off once he’d learned who the owners of Ddraig Llyn were.  Not many people tried to take on Torchwood; the centuries had only enhanced their reputation for doing whatever needed to get things done, up to and including dirty tricks.  But then, after having done some research into Brock and Tenemyer, the dragon could tell they were used to doing the same thing.  With the high cost of premium land on Earth and other worlds, he could see why they could afford to be so ruthless.

However, Jack Harkness could be just as ruthless, especially when someone was messing with his family.

“Everything looks just fine,” the doctor reported, smiling.  “You have two very healthy little girls.”

Ianto grinned, brought out of his bad mood by the news.  He was glad that they’d asked to know the gender of the twins, although it hadn’t made picking names any easier.   “Thank you, Doctor,” he said, raising himself up on his elbows.

“You’re quite welcome.”  She helped him lever himself to his feet, which had actually started aching about three weeks ago and hadn’t stopped.  Jack gave the best foot rubs…

“If your progress continues the way it is,” Dr. Sakai went on, “then I think you’ll go to 35 weeks.  We’ll worry about how we’re going to perform the caesarian when it’s closer to time, although I think I might have a couple of ideas.”

“That’s great,” Ianto said, straightening his clothes.  Since it was still unusual for males to be pregnant, no one had yet come up with an alternative to drawstring pants and oversized shirts, and he felt decidedly underdressed.  

“Your blood pressure is a little high, but not out of the norm for you or for someone in your condition.   You might want to keep monitoring it, just to be on the safe side.  Also, I’ve noticed that your body temperature seems to be rising.”

“I seem to remember that’s normal in a dragon pregnancy,” Ianto answered.  “My internal flame is increasing just a little, in order to keep the babies warm.”

Dr. Sakai nodded.  “That makes sense, and could also explain the slight rise in blood pressure.  We’ll keep an eye on it as well.”  She grinned, handing him the photo he’d requested.  “Everything looks good, and I’ll see you in a month.  Call me if anything changes.”

“I shall.”  Ianto hugged her briefly, then left the examination room and headed down toward the lifts.  He knew damned well he was waddling, no matter what Jack claimed, and it would have been self-conscious  if not for the fact that each and every Torchwood employee he saw greeted him warmly, and didn’t make a big deal over the fact that they had a pregnant dragon-in-man-form in their midst.  Yes, some of the females would ‘ooo’ and ‘aww’ over him, but he was getting a bit used to it.  After all, it wasn’t anything worse than what Anwyn was doing.

The lift carried him down to the ground floor, and from there it was a short walk to the transmat, but Ianto was feeling a bit out of breath by the time he got there.  He’d complained about it to Dr. Sakai, but she’d told him that it was to be expected, that as the twins grew they would press up against other internal organs.  It wasn’t overly dangerous, she assured him, and just to take rests when he felt he needed them.    It was another reason that Ianto would soon be spending full-time as a dragon; with a larger body, there was more room for the girls to grow. 

He breathed easier once the transmat deposited him back in his own home.  It was a bit of a perk, having a personal transmat in their home, one that Ianto felt he and Jack had earned after twelve hundred years of service to Torchwood.  They’d hidden it away in a small broom closet, and the dragon exited it and into the living area, noticing that it was far too quiet for either Anwyn or Jack to be home.

Collapsing onto the sofa and making certain his tired feet were propped up, Ianto sighed deeply and tried to relax.   It didn’t take long; his eyes drooped, and the last thought was that if he slept too long he was going to be cranky when Jack and Anwyn got back…

A sudden roaring noise roused him.  Ianto levered himself upward, his groggy mind not registering what it was at first; then it came again, and he recognized it as a shuttle circling overhead.

He climbed off the sofa and hobbled to the front window.  Ianto cursed as he couldn’t see where the shuttle was, so he made his way to the front door, flinging it open as he grew angry.  They’d deliberately declared the valley as a no-fly zone; Jack had used his connections with Homeworld Security in order to get it pushed though, and it was now official all over the planet.  No one should be flying over Ddraig Llyn without calling first to inform them they were coming.

Ianto caught sight of the shuttle as it banked past Pedair Dreigiau, the tallest mountain over the valley, and then head back toward the house.  It was obvious the pilot meant to land on the green, and as far as Ianto was concerned that wasn’t going to happen.

He triggered his transformation, and the dragon launched himself into the air, powerful wings propelling him toward to the shuttle.   It was almost like a game of old-fashioned ‘Chicken’, each waiting for the other to flinch.

The shuttle suddenly changed direction, narrowly missing the dragon’s left wing as it swerved.

The movement meant that the dragon got a good look at the triangular-shaped logo on the shuttle’s side: it was from Brock and Tenemyer, and he couldn’t believe that they’d be so brazen as to come to the valley while Jack and Anwyn were gone.    Did they think he was defenseless, that he wouldn’t defend his home…his family? 

The dragon saw red.

He took a deep breath, although it wasn’t nearly as deep as he would have hoped, and called upon his inner flame.  A bright gout of fire erupted from his open jaws, aimed toward the circling shuttle, striking the metal skin just behind the cockpit.  The shuttle jerked as the pilot tried to escape, but the dragon followed, breathing another stream of flame along its side, blackening the hull and giving the dragon a sharp spike of satisfaction.  Didn’t the first representative warn them who he was?

A horrible burning flared along his shoulders, and the dragon spun in midair, finding himself facing what appeared to be a low-orbital fighter, and he managed to dodge the ruby light of its laser as it fired again. 

The dragon quickly ducked around the fighter, suddenly afraid that the laser could actually cause some damage.  If it had been just him, he would have continued the fight; but there were his unborn twins to think about, and he wasn’t about to put them into any more danger than he inadvertently had.

He banked away, aiming for the cave entrance where his lair was.  He dodged another blast, but the heat of it seared against his wing, the most delicate part of his body.  He couldn’t help but think that Brock must want the valley very badly if he was willing to send an armed ship in after him…

It didn’t make any sense, was the thought that hounded him as he tucked and rolled toward the lake, hoping to get away from the lasers.  Unless Brock thought that by killing him would leave the valley open for a takeover.  If that was the case, then Brock didn’t know his mate and his daughter very well at all.

 The dragon pulled out of his roll, skimming the surface of the lake.  He would have usually just ducked under the chill water, but he wasn’t certain how plummeting at full speed into the surface would affect the twins on impact with the hard surface.   The mountains would protect them.

The roaring of engines sounded overhead, and the dragon slid to one side, and then the other, angling his wings to drain his speed.  The fighter overshot, and in that moment he realized his mistake, that the fighter was now between him and his sanctuary.

Cursing inwardly, the dragon turned quickly, even as he could see the fighter doing the same.  Luckily he was more agile than the ship, and had managed to dodge away before the ship could draw a bead on him.

But he’d forgotten about the shuttle.

The dragon would have slammed into the bulky ship if his reflexes hadn’t been as quick.  As it was, his wing clipped the metal hull, and it knocked him off course.  He smacked his tail into the skin of the ship as he jerked hard to avoid the shuttle, and he roared as he began to head away from his attackers.

The shuttle wobbled, and the dragon avoided its wild movement, but dodging put him back into the sights of the fighter, who took advantage of the situation by firing once more.

The force of the laser pressed the dragon downward, and he smacked into the surface of the lake belly-first.  The shock of impact rattled him badly, knocking what little air he’d had in his lungs as the force of the blow sent him into deeper water.

He panicked, terrified for his unborn children, and he tried to surface, but for some reason the dragon couldn’t find the way up.  He was completely turned around, and his lungs were beginning to strain as the fear made him use up what oxygen he had left.

“Rest,” a calm voice spoke in his mind.  “I have you.”

As darkness crept over his vision, the dragon did as the voice commanded, trusting it to care for himself and his unborn children.

Chapter Six


I'm actually kinda surprised about the live birth of the dragons
Well, it's not a normal birth after all. Besides, I loved the idea of the ultrasound showing the two little dragons hugging each other. It really made me go "aw..." In fact, that started this whole thing. *laughs*