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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Six

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Rubystandish
Beta: Bookwrm89
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Language, Angst, MPreg
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better
Author's Note:  This is written for MPreg BIg Bang, and it takes place after my Dragon-Verse story,  The Call of Home.  You might want to read that one before this if you already haven't, although it's not really required.

Summary:  After over 1200 years of service, Jack Harkness and his mate, the dragon Ianto Jones, have retired to Ddraig Llyn in order to start a family.  Jack thinks he's going to be the one to carry their children, but the Great Dragons have another idea.  Jack and Ianto have to fight off an unscrupulous land developer who wants their valley while dealing with the fun that only being the first ever pregnant male dragon can bring.

20 July 3246 (Earth Standard Year)

Jack glanced at his watch, his irritation growing as they were kept waiting by Leonard Brock and his solicitor.

They were already twenty minutes late.  Even the arbiter that had come in on the case was looking put out, and Jack couldn’t blame hir.   “If Mr. Brock and his representative aren’t here within ten minutes,” the arbitrator said in a squeaky voice, “I’m summarily ruling in your favor, Director Harkness.”

Jack heard Anwyn’s stifled sigh as the other side in the dispute walked into the office almost as soon as the arbiter had finished.   “I’m sorry we’re late,” Brock explained, “but some last-minute business came up.”

“Then let’s get started,” the arbiter said.  “Please, everyone take their seats.”

Jack, Anwyn, and their solicitor – a tall Remneth from Skaldar, all odd angles and pale red – took one side of the long table that filled one of the large meeting rooms in the Federation delegation building.  The Galactic Federation had supplied the arbiter, supposedly one of the best there was; the being was shaped like an ambulatory starfish, and Jack thought hir might have been from the Cassiopeia Cluster.

Brock and his solicitor took the opposite side of the table, and the CEO of Brock and Tenemyer was looking smugger than Jack thought he had a right to be.  He and Anwyn had brought the original land grant documents with them; the arbiter had said that an independent expert on ancient documents would also be present, and Jack knew that had to be the stooped, wizened elderly man sitting away from the table, watching the proceedings with interest.

“Gentle beings,” the Cassiopeian began, “we’re here in order to arbitrate the dispute between Brock and Tenemyer, and the Jones family, for property that might fall under the Land Use Act of 2910.”  The being’s pointed head turned toward Brock.  “Now, the plaintiff shall make his opening statement, please.”

Brock’s solicitor – who was human – stood and did so.  It was pretty much the same argument that Brock had used on Jack when he’d visited the man’s office for the first – and only – time, and Jack tuned the man out, his irritation compounded by the fact that Ianto would be at his doctor’s appointment by now, and Jack hadn’t missed one until today. 

The call had come very early that morning, and had awoken the entire household.  Jack suspected that it was meant to throw them off guard, and to try to rile them up, and while it had succeeded it wasn’t for the reason that Brock might have meant.   The man had no idea that Ianto was pregnant, and that this was the day they went in for his scans.

Ianto had offered to reschedule, knowing how much it meant to Jack to be there, but he’d convinced the dragon to go on without hm.  He could see the image of the scan that Ianto inevitably got at every appointment. 

But still, the timing had been bad, and Jack wasn’t in the mood to mess around.  He’d retrieved the needed documents, arranged for their solicitor, Ahmas Shandara, to meet him and Anwyn at the appointment location.  They’d spoken to him previously, so Ahmas wouldn’t be going into the meeting cold, and he seemed to think that Brock didn’t have a leg to stand on which made Jack even angrier, that Brock would therefore have been wasting their time and causing his mate undue stress.   

The other attorney finished his summation, and then sat back down.  The arbiter turned to Ahmas Shandara, and the Remneth stood as well, bowing slightly to the Cassiopeian.   “Thank you, Honored Arbiter,” he said in his broad, orator’s voice.  Remneth made the best public speakers, with their rich accents and passionate way of speaking.  “My statement will be short, only referring to the documents that we have brought with us, and once they are proved authentic then I ask that the honored arbiter dismiss the claim as groundless.  Thank you again.”  He sat back down, and Jack was grateful for him being so quick about it.

The arbiter thanked Ahmas then examined each and every one of them in turn.  “I agree that this seems a case that can be cleared up quickly, which is why I asked my learned colleague, Professor Maximillian Moreau, to join us.  He can check into the authenticity of the documents in question and we can finish this up today.”

 The expert in question stood, bringing a case with him to the table.  He slid the case onto the table, looking at Jack expectantly.  “Director Harkness, if you please?”

Jack put his own case on the table; this one was specially made to carry delicate papers. It came with a tiny device that generated a stasis field around whatever was inside.  Jack wasn’t about to take any chances with them, not when his mate’s home was at stake.

Professor Moreau was putting on a pair of gloves as Jack opened his case.  Within were the original bill of sale on the actual valley, and the Royal Land Grant that extended the original purchase.  Ianto had been so proud the day he’d received it, for ‘services rendered’ to the United Kingdom.  That day, both he and Jack had also received knighthoods, but that was something they didn’t mention, not wanting to make more of a deal of their jobs than they needed to.

Moreau’s eyes lit up at the sight of the ancient documents.  They were in remarkable condition for being almost twelve hundred years old.  Ianto had made certain they were well taken care of, storing them in the Torchwood Archives on Hubworld under climate control until their move back to Earth. 

He slid the case over toward the professor, who was practically salivating over them.  Jack stifled a grin, sitting back in his seat…

And suddenly he felt such a strong sense of wrongness that he was back up out of his chair in a heartbeat, reaching for the gun that he didn’t bring with him. 

“Dad?” Anwyn asked worriedly.   “Are you okay?”

“Your mate needs you.”

The voice was so faint Jack almost didn’t hear it, but when it registered his heart stopped, and then started back up at twice its normal rate.  “I have to go,” he stammered, knocking his chair against the one next to it in his haste.

“Really,” Brock sighed almost theatrically.  “If the Director leaves, then I want a ruling in my favor immediately.”

Jack wanted to reach across the table and strangle the arse; it was a good thing the distance was too great.  “Something’s wrong,” he growled angrily.   “My mate…”

“Tad?” Anwyn gasped.  She paled, and she stood hurriedly, putting her arm around Jack’s. 

He couldn’t think; all he could do was feel the panic start to nibble away at him.  What if something had happened to the twins?  What if Ianto was sick?  Hurt?  He would have made it home by now, and he would be alone.  What had happened? 

“Director,” the arbiter’s high-pitched voice cut through his jumbled thoughts, “that was a telepathic cry you heard.”

Jack looked at hir, his eyes wide.  “Did you hear it?” he asked, knowing that Cassiopieans were highly telepathic.   Jack, himself though, wasn’t, so that shock simply added to the surprise of the call.

“I did,” hir answered.  “Go, and find out what happened.  My expert will continue to look over the documents and when you return I will render my decision.”

“I’ll stay and make certain everything is aboveboard,” Ahmas said.  “Go and check on Ianto, the both of you.”

“I object,” Brock’s attorney snapped. 

“We made allowances for your tardiness,” the arbiter replied.  “Therefore you can make allowances for a family emergency.”

Jack didn’t wait to hear Brock’s rejoinder; he bolted from the office, Anwyn hot on his heels.  Together father and daughter raced toward the nearest transmat, scared beyond almost all thought.  He didn’t even stop to think about the warning, or that someone else had also heard it; only that something was wrong with his mate, and that he needed to get home as soon as possible.

He pulled his Torchwood I.D. to get to the front of the transmat line, and his hands were shaking so badly that Anwyn had to enter the code for their home pad.  It seemed to take forever for them to be transported, Jack cursing for the first time in centuries that his Vortex Manipulator no longer worked.

Jack didn’t even register being transmatted; he pelted from the closet where their personal transmat was located, calling Ianto’s name as he searched frantically for his mate.  What if he were unconscious somewhere, and unable to answer?  Jack knew that panic wasn’t going to work, and that he needed to calm himself before being of any use to Ianto.

He stopped in the middle of the living area, taking a deep breath in order to get his heart under control.   Anwyn came up beside him, taking his hand in hers, and Jack could tell she was drawing strength from him even as he was doing the same from her.

The faint whine of an engine came from outside the house.

Jack was out the door like a shot.  He sobbed a breath as he watched a shuttle and a small, suborbital fighter joined in an assault on his mate over the placid blue of the lake.

He was completely helpless as he watched his mate be herded away from the mountains, where he would have been safe, the fighter firing its weapons at the dragon, who managed to get out of the way.  Unfortunately, this caused him to nearly slam into the shuttle, and his wing clipped the ship before tumbling away, taking an opportunity to swipe at it with his tail and roaring his anger at both interlopers.

“What can we do?” Anwyn cried, her hand so tight around Jack’s that his fingertips tingled…not that he noticed.  His full attention was on his mate, and his battle with the two ships.  

If only they still had an aircraft, but the shuttle Anwyn had brought with her had been sent back to Hubworld, and Jack hadn’t gotten around to buying one for his personal use…

The dragon swerved awkwardly out of the shuttle’s way, but the wild movement put him in the fighter’s sights, and a blood-red beam of energy struck the dragon in the back, and sent him into the depths of the lake.

Later on, Anwyn would tell Jack that he screamed Ianto’s name as he tore down toward the lakeshore, but he wasn’t aware of it.  All he knew was that his mate had been forced under the water, and he wasn’t coming back up. 

And then he felt a tingling throughout his body.

Jack felt a definite shift within his body, one that he’d only ever felt twice in his very long life.  He screamed again, the sound becoming a loud roar as he transformed into the blue-gray dragon he’d seen more often in dreams than he’d physically been.

Powerful legs pushed him off the ground, as huge wings unfurled to catch the wind.  He roared his challenge to the ones who’d dared attack his mate and unborn children, propelling himself forward, rage and revenge fueling the great flame within him.  With a deep exhalation he breathed fire over both ships, and its heat charred the shuttle’s skin, while the force pushed the fighter away, although not a mark was made on the fighter’s ablative shielding.

The shuttle wobbled, and Jack caught sight of a familiar logo on its side.  Brock and Tenemyer.   His rage grew, and with it his flame, and he attacked once more, determined to send the ship into the lake where his mate had vanished.  

Heat blasted against his scales, and Jack growled, his attention from his one prey to the hunter that had dared to attack his family.  He breathed fire once more, directly at the fighter’s cockpit, but it was obvious that the pilot had realized that their weaponry wasn’t going to work against a dragon.  It banked and flew away, disappearing over the mountains.

Leaving the shuttle behind.

It did try to escape, but Jack wasn’t about to let it.  The haze of fury cleared enough for him to realize that he’d need proof of what had happened; that Brock had sent his bully-boys after his pregnant mate.  He wanted the man punished for what he’d done.   And if he didn’t have that, Brock would most likely never give up, if he was willing to kill to get the valley from them.

The dragon banked, aiming his flame toward the engines.  Two good breaths and the engine housing was damaged, and the pilot had no choice but to aim for the shore.

Jack didn’t follow.

Instead, he curled his wings and hovered over the spot where his mate had disappeared, looking for some sign that he was surfacing. 

There was no sign.

Giving an agonized cry, he plummeted downward, hitting the water snout-first.  Using his powerful legs he swam downward, hoping to find some sign of his mate before it was too late.  The water was clear and cold, and he went deeper, his eyes scanning in every direction, terror beginning to push past the anger he been feeling.


Jack’s head turned at the disembodied voice, and through the water he could just see the body of his mate, floating peacefully not that far away.  With a strong swish of his tail and pulling himself forward with his cupped claws he shot forward, and he reached out to the green dragon, capturing his mate in his arms then surging upward, toward the light.

They broke the surface of the water, and Jack began towing his motionless mate toward the shore, fear giving strength to his strokes.  He could see Anwyn on the bank waiting for them, and even from that distance he could tell how scared she was.

He was just as scared.

His mate was motionless, limp in his grasp.  He put on a burst of speed, and managed to get to the shore, dragging the green dragon up onto the grass. 

Anwyn was there, and she raced forward as soon as he had them both out of the lake.  “Dad!” she cried, throwing her arms about his neck.  He could feel her trembling through the contact.  “I called Dr. Sakai, and she’s on her way…Dad, is Tad okay?”

“I don’t know,” he answered truthfully.  He positioned his mate a bit more comfortably, on his side; Jack’s clawed hand rested on his mate’s distended stomach…

And he felt a very distinct kick under his palm.

The sob of relief nearly choked him. 

Anwyn put her own hand where his had been, and she grinned.  “I felt them,” she breathed softly, tears rolling down her cheeks.   “And Tad’s breathing…”

“They will be well.”

He looked up.  The Water Dragon unfurled his wings, hovering above the surface of the lake. 

“It was you,” Jack said.  “It was you who warned me.”

“It was.”  The Great Dragon smiled in a show of sharp teeth.  “You are our children, and none shall harm you in this place.”

Jack nuzzled his snout against his mate’s, feeling the tell-tale tickle of breath against his scales.  “Thank you…for everything.”

“What the – “

He looked in the direction of the voice.  Dr. Sakai stood there, large medkit slung over her shoulder, staring at the Water Dragon in awe.   Then she blinked, turning her attention to the pair of dragons on the ground…and she shook her head.  “You could have told me you were a dragon as well, Director Harkness,” she chided softly, walking forward to kneel beside them, and digging into her kit.

“Well,” he admitted, moving just enough to let her work, “I’m not…I’m more of a human who can change into a dragon, instead of a dragon who can change into a man.  Besides, I thought it was only a one-time – or two-time – thing.”  He aimed that last bit at the Water Dragon, who seemed amused.

The Water Dragon chuckled.  “You have always had the ability within you, however you cannot transform outside this valley, since our power does not reach much beyond it any longer.”

That was fine with him; just to be able to share this with his mate was enough.

He sat back on his haunches as Dr. Sakai checked his mate over, Anwyn’s arm slung over his back.   He couldn’t help but worry, despite what the Water Dragon had said.  But, true to his word, blue eyes fluttered open, and the green-scaled head moved, and before he knew it Jack was beside him once more, rubbing his snout against his mate’s own. 

“Jack?” his mate said weakly, surprise evident in both voice and expression.

“He’s going to be fine,” Dr. Sakai said, putting her equipment away.  “Him and the twins.”

“Thank you.”  He was finally able to relax, the stress uncoiling from him like a rope that had been stretched to its limit. 

He turned to the Water Dragon.   “And thank you,” he said sincerely.  “For this…for everything.”

The Dragon bowed.  “You are most welcome, my son.  Take care of each other, and we will always be near.”  With that, the Water Dragon dove back into the lake, his tail making quite a playful splash.


“Sorry to have kept you waiting,” Jack said, breezing back into the meeting room, putting a large grin on his face. 

He glanced around the table, catching the reactions to his appearance.  The arbiter made a bobbing motion with the upper part of hir starfish-shaped body, which Jack took as a nod.  Professor Moreau sat beside hir, looking as if he’d just won the New Vegas lottery.  The documents were gone, the case that Jack had brought them in closed once more, and he looked at Ahmas, who nodded discreetly, indicating that all was well.  “How is Second Jones?” the solicitor asked, standing from his own seat.  “And the children?”

Everyone in Torchwood knew about Ianto being pregnant; Jack knew there was a betting pool going on as to the genders of the twins, which he was more than fond of fueling by pointed comments and sly hints, although he never gave anything away.  “It was a close thing,” he answered, clapping the Remneth on the shoulder, “but we got there in time.” 

Jack hadn’t really wanted to leave his mate, but Ianto had pointed out that he needed to go, to submit the evidence of Brock’s attack on him and their unborn children. 

“I am glad to hear that, Director,” the Cassiopeian answered, relief in hir squeaky voice.

“Thank you, Arbiter,” he replied, his gaze turning toward the other two people at the table.  The Brock and Tenemyer solicitor looked a bit confused, and Jack determined that he hadn’t known what Brock had planned.  Brock, however…

The man looked pissed.  He sat in his chair, arms crossed over his chest, his face set in a forbidding expression. 

Jack was thrilled.

“Please have a seat, Director,” the arbiter invited.  “I am now ready to give my verdict on the matter.”

He was more than willing to do so, pulling up a chair beside his solicitor’s, and giving his attention to the arbiter.  He had no doubt which way this was going to go, but procedure had to be followed.

“Professor Moreau has found that the documents submitted are, indeed, authentic,” the arbiter said.  “In them it is stated that Sir Ianto Jones, the Dragon of Torchwood, shall own the valley known as Ddraig Llyn in perpetuity, granted by His Royal Majesty King Henry William, dated 15 December 2078, for services rendered the British Empire and the planet Earth.   It also states that no taxes or liens should be collected against said Royal Grant, and that if something should happen to Sir Ianto Jones, then the valley shall pass to his heirs, which in this document is recognized as Captain Sir Jack Harkness, Director of the Torchwood Institute, and Affirmed Mate to the Dragon of Torchwood, and any children they may either adopt or conceive.”  Professor Moreau nodded in agreement with the arbiter’s assessment.  “Also included with the Royal Land Grant was an original bill of sale dated twenty-six years earlier, and signed by the then-residents of Ddraig Llyn as witnesses, of which the Royal Land Grant expands upon.   There is no codicil that the land should always been lived upon, but that it shall always belong to Sir Ianto Jones, to do with as he sees fit.  In my opinion, that means that he could leave it for long periods of time and not be subject to any acts that come after, including the Land Use Act itself.  Therefore, it’s my ruling that the claim against the valley known as Ddraig Llyn by Brock and Tenemyer be dismissed, and that Sir Ianto Jones be recognized as having all rights to the property in perpetuity as the Royal Land Grant proclaims.”

“Thank you, arbiter,” Jack said gratefully.

“You are most welcome, Director Harkness.”

Brock rose angrily, spearing Jack with a glare that would have fried a lesser being.  “This is far from over,” he vowed.  “I’ll appeal, and we can tie this up in court for years.”

Jack rolled his eyes.  “I very much doubt that,” he said sharply.  “Especially since you’re going to be busy fighting the charges of attempted murder I plan on raising against you, for trying to kill my mate and my unborn children.”

The man’s face went red in rage.  “How dare you accuse me – “

“Accuse?  I have proof.”  Jack flipped on his comm.  “Anwyn, bring in the proof.”  He clicked it off, and leaned back in his seat, wanting to seem completely calm in the face of Brock’s anger, instead of all the anger he felt that Ianto and the babies had been endangered.

The door opened, and Anwyn entered, pushing the shuttle’s pilot into the room.  She’d been like Jack, not wanting to leave her Tad, but Dr. Sakai had said the dragon was fine, and would stay with him.  Both hoped to get this taken care of quickly and then go home, and Jack wanted nothing more than to curl up beside his mate and prove to himself that everything would be all right.

“This man,” Anwyn growled, sounding very dragon-like, “attacked my Tad and my unborn sisters in a shuttle over Ddraig Llyn.  There was also a fighter, but whoever was in that escaped.  The shuttle had the Brock and Tenemyer logo on it, and it’s currently parked back home; it’s kinda hard to fly something out that’s had its engines melted by a dragon’s flame.”  She smirked at that, but Jack could tell she was feeling a little left out, not being able to transform into a dragon herself.  She hadn’t been able to help when her Tad had been in danger, and that hurt her more than anything.

Jack did hope that, someday, she’d be able to join them.

“Do you wish to bring charges now, Director Harkness?” the arbiter asked, hir voice actually lowering a bit in what Jack interpreted as anger.

“I do,” Jack said.  “Can I ask that you take care of it, Honored Arbiter?  I really want to get back to my mate.”  If he hadn’t been so worried about Ianto, despite all the reassurances by Dr. Sakai and the Water Dragon, he would have taken great pleasure in seeing Brock arrested. 

As for Brock, his face had gone through several shades of red, before he stood and walked out without a word, followed by his rather confused attorney.  Jack barely resisted the urge to say ‘Good riddance’, instead taking the higher ground, so to speak.

“I shall take care of it for you,” the arbiter offered.  “I shall also make certain that the land claim is duly registered.  Please, you and your daughter go home.  All will be in hand.”

“Thank you,” Jack said sincerely, reaching across the table for the climate-controlled case.  He handed it to Ahmas, asking the Remneth to take the case back to Torchwood Central and make certain it got back under lock and key.  The solicitor nodded in agreement, offering his good wishes for their family.

The Cassiopeian did as well, and Jack and his daughter left the room as security arrived to take the shuttle pilot into custody.  He wrapped his arm around Anwyn’s shoulders, and together they went to the nearest transmat, and to home.

Chapter Seven


I read Chapter 5 and 6 in one go!
you can not do otherwise ....
I suspected that Brock would be a blow like that.
Twins girls dragons :-)) great! very great.

I'm glad Jack has that option, even if it is only in the valley is already very well.
I feel they will make flights ...
I had to make it girls, because Anwyn deserved it after waiting so long.

Yes, it's only in the valley but that would be enough for them, I think. Oh, lots of flights. :)