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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Seven

The Green and the Blue - Chapter Seven
Author: Milady Dragon
Artist: Rubystandish
Beta: Bookwrm89
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Language, Angst, MPreg
Spoilers: None really
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better
Author's Note:  This is written for MPreg BIg Bang, and it takes place after my Dragon-Verse story,  The Call of Home.  You might want to read that one before this if you already haven't, although it's not really required.

A PDF is available Here

Summary:  After over 1200 years of service, Jack Harkness and his mate, the dragon Ianto Jones, have retired to Ddraig Llyn in order to start a family.  Jack thinks he's going to be the one to carry their children, but the Great Dragons have another idea.  Jack and Ianto have to fight off an unscrupulous land developer who wants their valley while dealing with the fun that only being the first ever pregnant male dragon can bring.


23 September 3246 (Earth Standard Year)


The dragon felt Jack curled around him, and he snuggled back, wondering what had awakened him so early.  Even though they were in the old cave where he’d originally had his lair – it was easier to stay there while he was constantly in dragon-form, instead of being trapped in the house – he could tell the sun hadn’t come up yet, as it would be shining through the entrance to the cave if it were any later.  He wasn’t ready to get up yet; the later it got in his pregnancy, the lazier he felt, only getting up from their nest in order to lay just outside in the sunlight, sleeping for most of the day away even then. 

He let his eyes slide shut, reveling in the warm body of his mate.  Jack had stayed with him after it was decided he’d need to stay in his true shape for the rest of his pregnancy, and Jack had been content to stay in his own dragon-form most of the time.  It was amazing to finally know the sensation of his true mate beside him.  Jack couldn’t stay that way for long, but he always slept like that, and it was the most incredible feeling imaginable.

A sharp cramp caused his eyes to fly open once more, and the dragon exhaled sharply at the sudden pain.  His clawed hands ran over his abdomen, stroking over the swollen scales, his heart beating faster as he realized what was happening.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked sleepily, cuddling closer.

“I think it’s time,” he answered quietly, in awe that the moment had finally come.

“That’s nice,” Jack muttered, his snout burrowing into the back of the dragon’s neck.

The dragon snorted a laugh.  “Jack…I said it’s time.  Surely you’re not going to sleep through your daughters’ arrival?”

“What?”   His mate jerked upward, blue-gray head staring down, eyes wide with amazement.  “Are you sure?”

“Fairly sure, yes.”

“But you’re three weeks early!”

“You heard Katsuko; twins always arrive early.”  She’d confided in him that labor could begin at any time at his last examination, two days ago. 

Jack’s dragon eyes lit up.  “Stay there and I’ll call Kat.”

He climbed over his prone mate and headed for the cave entrance, his tail swishing eagerly.  The dragon huffed another laugh at the sight.  “Oh,” he called out, “don’t call her Kat to her face.  You know she doesn’t like that!”

A particularly sassy tail flick gave the dragon his answer, and he rolled his eyes in amusement. 

At least Jack wasn’t panicking.  For that he was very grateful.  The dragon remembered how he’d reacted at Anwyn’s birth, and it hadn’t been very pretty.  Jack had teased him for years afterward.

The dragon lay back among the cushions, trying to relax into the next expected contraction.   He breathed out, and then in, excitement trying to bubble over against his attempts to remain calm.   It was finally time; their daughters were finally ready to enter the world. 

A golden glow filled the entrance, signaling Jack’s return to human form.  Soft talking floated toward him, but he couldn’t make out the words, and knew that his mate was using his comm. to call Katsuko.  They’d both come to trust the doctor, and the dragon knew he didn’t want anyone else delivering their twins. 

Another contraction rolled over him, and he hissed slightly.  Well, this wasn’t very pleasant.  He certainly hoped Katsuko hurried up…

“Calls made,” Jack said, coming back into the lair, still in his human shape.  “Anwyn is going to wait for Kat to show up, and then both of them will come on up.  I think I lost the hearing in my right ear, just from Anwyn’s squealing.”

The dragon chuckled.  Their daughter stayed close during the day, but at night she left her fathers alone in their lair.  He knew she was still just a tiny bit jealous of being the only member of the family who couldn’t transform into a dragon, but she was still pleased as anything that she would be getting two more sisters.   Anwyn was excited about being an older sibling, and couldn’t wait until the twins were born.   She was having fun teasing both her Dad and Tad about being surrounded by girls. 

Jack busily pulled on some clothes and lit several lamps as they waited, and it wasn’t too long before footfalls echoed through the entrance.  Anwyn and Katsuko appeared, the doctor carrying all sorts of equipment bags with her.  “Your timing could be better,” she joked, moving toward a table that had been set up beside the nest.   “I was enjoying a good nights’ sleep when I got the call.”

“Were you alone?” Jack leered, making the woman laughed.

“That is none of your business,” she answered, waggling a finger in his direction.  “Can’t you keep your mate under control, Ianto?”

The dragon’s laugh was cut off by another contraction.  “They’re about ten minutes apart,” he reported, panting slightly past the pain.

Katsuko nodded.  “That’s faster than I thought it would be, but then I really don’t have anything to compare it to.  Male pregnancy isn’t that usual yet, and male dragon pregnancy is unique.”

“I like being different,” the dragon snorted. 

“Yes, well it’s fun for the rest of us, too,” she teased, opening one of the bags.  She pulled out a large, hand-held device that had reminded him of the singularity scalpel that Owen had used to have.  Katsuko had explained the device fully; it had some of the same functions that the scalpel had, but this one also had a surgical function that would allow her to get through his scales and tough dragon hide.   She could easily scan for the babies, and then work around them as non-invasively as possible. 

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Anwyn asked, her face a combination of anxiousness and excitement. 

“You can be my nurse,” Katsuko answered, handing her one of the other bags.  “Help your dad set up that sterile field.  Never in all the time I studied to be a doctor, did I even consider I’d be delivering babies in a cave, and to a male dragon to boot.”

The dragon snorted.  “You and me both, Katsuko.”

Jack and Anwyn quickly set up the equipment, building a sterile work area around the prone dragon, as Katsuko prepared for the surgery.  “I want to wait until the contractions are closer together,” she explained as she worked.  “As soon as the sterile field is set up, I’ll use the scanner to get a look inside and see what’s going on.  I’ll also attach sensors to your abdomen so we can monitor the twins’ heartbeats and status.”

She’d gone through all this before, but the dragon was grateful that Katsuko was doing it again, because it kept him from dwelling too much on just what was happening.  The dragon was becoming more and more anxious as the contractions continued.   He wanted his daughters there, now; so he could hold them and know they were all right.  Certainly, Katsuko had assured him that their development was going well, but this was the first dragon birth in millennia…and the first male dragon giving birth ever.  He felt he had every right to be nervous and scared.

“There they are,” the doctor murmured, staring at the holographic image on her scanner.  The dragon couldn’t see, but Jack and Anwyn crowded around in order to check for themselves.  The huge grin on Jack’s face and the happy tears in Anwyn’s eyes told him that everything was just fine. 

The fast and steady twin heartbeats filled the cavern.   “There’s no sign of distress,” Katsuko reported.  “I think this is going to be a fairly straightforward procedure.”

Ianto rolled his eyes through another contraction.  “I do hope you didn’t just jinx it.”

The doctor sighed dramatically.  “Oh, I forgot…that’s like asking what else could happen, isn’t it?”

“Gotta be careful there, Kat,” Jack teased.  “You’re tempting fate.”

“And you’re tempting your ability to father any more children, Director,” she mock-threatened.

“It’ll just grow back,” the dragon chuckled.

“Ew, Tad!” Anwyn made a gagging gesture.

“Are you six years old….or six hundred?” the dragon replied.

“I don’t care how old you are,” she answered primly, “you’re never too old to be grossed out by the fact that your parents have sexual organs, let alone sex.”

“I think the evidence of that is lying right here in this cave,” the dragon said, stroking his distended belly.

Anwyn opened her mouth to reply, but didn’t get a chance as the sound of singing echoed from the entrance of the lair.

The dragon could feel the power of the song, as it settled into his very soul.  He recognized it, even though he hadn’t heard it since he was very young.  “It’s the Song of Birth,” he said softly.  “I hadn’t expected to hear it.”

“It’s the Great Dragons,” Jack breathed.  “They’re singing for us.”

The dragon began to sing as well, only stopping when a contraction took his breath away.  Then he would start again, and soon Jack was joining him, and then Anwyn did as well, even though they’d never heard the song before and it was in the ancient tongue of the dragons. 

The power of the song grew, and Katsuko seemed to have fallen under its spell, until she shook herself out of her stupor.  “Let’s get those two little girls out, shall we?” she asked, her voice almost drowned out by the song. 

Jack changed into his dragon form, curling himself around his mate, careful to avoid the sterile area.  He continued to sing, although he lowered his voice in deference of the dragon’s ear.  He turned to look into Jack’s blue eyes, and such love and power shown from them that his breath was taken away.    He wasn’t even aware of Katsuko working, so lost in his mate’s gaze and the power of the Birthing Song was he. 

A sharp pain broke him from the reverie he’d fallen into, and he craned his neck to look down on what the doctor was doing.  A sheet had been spread over his abdomen, and it was stained slightly with blood, hiding Katsuko’s hands as she performed the caesarian.   Anwyn stood beside her, a blanket held ready to catch the first twin, her singing also faded into an almost whisper as she watched in awe.

A soft whimper was the first indication that their first child had entered the world.

Any feeling of pain or discomfort vanished as the dragon watched Katsuko pull the first of their daughters free, handing the small winged dragon to Anwyn to clean up.  Tears were running down their eldest’s face once more as she cradled the tiny child to her, holding her carefully as the doctor cut the cord. 

“Oh my goddess,” Anwyn gasped, wonder filling her face.  She quickly wiped her sister clean, as a squeaky-sounding cry sounded from the bundle.   She moved around to her Tad’s side, setting the little girl down beside the dragon’s outstretched arm and then darted back for another blanket, ready for her second sibling to make an appearance.

The dragon couldn’t decide whether he wanted to watch the second birth, or look at his newest daughter.  He found his gaze turning downward to see a pair of sleepy blue eyes staring back up at him.

He was suddenly captivated.  The small snout opened in a yawn, revealing very tiny teeth.  Scales the color of the finest aquamarines glittered in the lamplight and a fine-clawed hand twisted out from within the blanket. 

“She’s so beautiful,” Jack gasped from over the dragon’s shoulder.

A harsh cry sounded, and both proud fathers turned to watch as their second child was delivered.   The song crescendo’d, then faded away into nothing as the kicking and fighting younger twin tried to twist herself from Katsuko’s grasp, delicate wings flapping as if she wanted to fly already. 

“She’s gonna give us trouble,” Jack foretold, and the dragon couldn’t deny it.

The baby calmed once Anwyn held her, curled up against her older sister’s chest as if she was perfectly happy to nestle there permanently.  They joined their parents and other sister, Anwyn sinking down onto the cushions of the nest gracefully. 

The dragon was barely aware of Katsuko working to clean up and close the caesarian incision, as painful as it was.  All of his attention was on his family. 

“How are we going to tell them apart?” Jack asked, looking down at their identical dragon daughters.

“I’m sure we’ll manage,” Anwyn answered, the grin on her face threatening to dislodge her ears.  “Thank you, Tad…Dad.  I’ve wanted to be a big sister for so long now…”

“We know, sweetheart,” the dragon said, resting his chin lightly on her shoulder.  “And we know you’ll be wonderful with them.”

“I hope so.”  She didn’t sound certain.

“Look at how you are with that little one,” Jack pointed out.   “She calmed down the moment you held her.  You’re going to be fantastic.”

“You have all done so well.”

The family turned as one, as the Water Dragon appeared in the lair.  He shimmered in the light, eyes bright and smile wide. 

“Thank you for this miracle,” Jack said simply, and the dragon knew that was all there was to really say.  The Great Dragons had wanted this to happen, and it had been a miracle indeed.

“And thank you for accepting it,” the Water Dragon returned.  “We are all so proud of you and your family.  As long as there are dragons in Ddraig Llyn, this place will prosper.”  He looked at Anwyn.  “And have no fear, Granddaughter; your day will come.  You have a glorious destiny before you, as do your siblings.”

Anwyn actually blushed.  “I just want to look after my family,” she said respectfully.

“And you will.” The Great Dragon turned his attention toward Katsuko, who was apparently finishing up with the incision area.  “Thank you, Katsuko.  You are a true dragon-friend.”

The doctor nodded, wiping her hands on a towel.  “They’ve become true friends of mine, as well.”

The Dragon smiled, and turned to the pair of dragons and their family.  “Have you named your daughters, my children?”

“We have,” Jack answered. 

Suddenly, the lair was filled with more singing.  The other three Great Dragons fluttered into being around them; the power and majesty of the eternal beings making the cave seem like a royal palace.   Earth…Air…Fire…Water…the elemental Dragons of the world offering their blessing upon the two miracle children that had been born that early Equinox morning.

The dragon felt his heart swell at the sight.  He’d worshipped these beings his entire life, had known them in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.   They had made this happen, and he would be forever grateful for it, and for this family. 

“Our first-born is Rowena Harkness-Jones,” Jack proclaimed, and Ianto knew these words would be remembered forever.  “And our youngest is Cadi Harkness-Jones.”

“So shall it be,” the Earth Dragon intoned, the deepness of his voice carrying to the very bones of the world.   “We Bless these children, and the family that supports them.  You are the first of the new dragon-kind, and will carry our power and memory throughout the stars, long after this world and those of us who are a part of it are forever gone.  The Dragons of the Stars, your descendants shall be.”

“So shall it be,” the other three Dragons echoed.

It was more than anything the dragon could have dreamed.  His family…his beloved family…he felt Jack’s snout resting against the top of his head, and the unmistakable wetness of tears on his scales.   He was crying as well, but he knew they were from the sheer happiness he was feeling.  Anwyn leant against her tad’s foreleg, cradling Cadi as he tucked Rowena in against his body. 

“Now,” Katsuko broke in, surreptitiously wiping her own eyes, “while this has been very moving, Tad and girls need their rest.  I’m officially shooing everyone but the family out of here.”

The Great Dragons all laughed.  “Understood,” the Water Dragon said.  “Although Katsuko, I should like to discuss something with you before you return to London…”

And, with that, the Great Dragons removed themselves from the lair, and it became a normal cave once more.

“Well,” she said, once the Dragons were gone, “is it this exciting around here all the time?”

Jack chuckled.  “Nah, not like this.”

“That’s a good thing,” the doctor replied.  “I don’t think I could handle the pressure.”

“Sure you could,” the dragon answered.

Katsuko let out a laugh that echoed off the walls.  “You’re right, of course,” she agreed, once she was done.  “Now, I’m going to do a final exam of all three of my patients and then it’s time to rest.  I brought an overnight bag, so I’ll stay for a couple of days.”

‘Thanks, Kat.”

“Knock it off, Harkness!”

The dragon laughed, although not as strongly as Katsuko had, out of deference for his incision and the baby curled up against him.  

This was his family…his life.

And he loved every bit of it. 




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This was fantastic - I loved every word of it. I love Ianto as a dragon - and Jack too. Simply beautiful. Thank You for writing it.

Not to be a pain, but have you any idea when the next chapter of The Dragon and the Nightingale will be posted?
Glad you liked it! Thank you so much!

And the next chapter should be up tomorrow. :)
Oh, so great. I had tears reading about the birth. *sigh*

Now I want to know all about Anwyn's future and why the Water Dragon wanted to talk to Katsuko.

You write a proper story, but still leave us wanting more!
Aw.. *hands tissues*

There will be more, I love writing about their future. I have another sequel planned for later, so we'll see what happens next.

Thanks, but I have to leave you wanting more so you'll keep coming back! :)
Snagged the pdf! Will be back with proper comment after reading (this may take a while..slightly preoccupied with some book by a Carole and John Barrowman..)
No problem! Hope you like it. :) And I can totally understand, that's a good reason to be preoccupied.
thank you for this wonderful moment.
this is a fairy tale.
Dragons of the stars, what a pretty name.
I like the idea that Anwyn has a great future and maybe one day can become a dragon.

But tell me, for now there are only two male dragon who produces only daughters?? Well the Elemental Dragons speak of siblings, there is hope!
a small male dragon with eyes of Jack and Ianto's character. Or vice versa!

Katsuko reminds me of Toshiko. She is also friendly and will become a dragon friend.
Ahhh, happiness is a milady-dragon story! Thank you and I can't wait for more :-)
Squee! They got a mating! And the babies! All the squee!
So glad you liked it! Thanks, hon! :)
this was FABULOUS!!! I totally loved it!!
I'm so very glad you enjoyed it. Thanks, hon. :)
Great story - I'm gonna snag the PDF
Thank you! Enjoy the PDF. :)

that is all
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)

Absolutely wonderful!
Thank you so much!
This is by far the best story I have read lately! I have always loved your Ianto!Dragon but now having more little dragons and Jack!Dragon around is just too_perfect!

thanks for sharing this!
Oh, thank you! I'm so very glad you liked it. More on the family in a bit, I love writing their future together.

Yep, the birth scene choked me up again. Love this story so much!!!!!
LOL! Again? I thought you would have been prepared for it! *grins*
Squeee! Totally cool story, I love popping by the future and seeing how our boys are doing! BTW I love that Jack in Dragon form swishes just like he does when he is a human (and I think Ianto likes it too!).

Great story - it's nice to see where the series-proper is heading, the life that Jack and Ianto are workin towards. :)
Thank you! There will be more future stories coming up. And of course Jack is swishy in dragon-form too...I'm pretty sure that's genetic for him *laughs*

Oh my god I actually cried. It is wonderful there are more dragons in the world.

Wonderful stuff.
*hands tissues*

Thank you hon, yes there are more dragons, and some day perhaps even more.

I'm so very glad you liked it! :)
OMG, bad dragon lady, you made me get all teary. However.....it was absolutely fabulous. I loved every bit of it.
Sorry about that...no, I'm not really. I have plenty of tissues to share. *grins*

I'm really glad you liked it. Thanks! :)
Thank you! :)
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