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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Future Dreams, Past Nightmares - Chapter Four

Future Dreams, Past Nightmares - Chapter Four
Author:  Milady Dragon
Artist: Bookwrm89
Beta: Bookwrm89
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, OFC/OMC, Jack/John Hart (Past); all others implied
Warnings: Language, Violence, Angst, Past MPreg
Spoilers: Up to "Reset", goes AU after that (Owen is still alive)
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, darn it.
Author's Note: This is written for Torchwood Classic Big Bang Round One.   A BIG thank you to Bookwrm89, who not only did the fantastic art, but also beta'd for me.  She really went above and beyond on this. 

Summary:  Jack Harkness has all he's ever dreamed of:  he's mortal once more, married to the man he loves, and it's his only daughter's wedding day.  He only has one problem: he cannot remember the last twenty-five years of his life.  Can his past nightmares affect his near-perfect future?

Chapter Four

Between Owen and Ianto, they got Jack home and tucked up into bed.  Jack really didn’t want to be there, but Ianto insisted that he rest until they absolutely had to get ready to leave. 

“I do wish you wouldn’t treat me like I’m fragile,” Ianto whispered, pulling the duvet up around Jack.  “I can handle anything that might be wrong.  I really didn’t like hearing it from Owen.”

“I really am sorry.”  Once again Jack felt guilty about not sharing that something had been wrong with him since that morning.  As if the familiar surroundings of home were soaking into his brain, vague memories were beginning to surface, and he was so very glad to be getting them back.  Glimpses of his and Ianto’s life together were slowly coming back, and he grasped each one and held onto it protectively.

“Yes, well I’d say not do it again, but I know you too well.”  Ianto pressed a gentle kiss to Jack’s forehead.  “Get some rest, all right?  I’ll be downstairs helping Mairwen.  Just yell if you need anything.”

“Does that anything include you?” Jack leered.

Ianto rolled his eyes.  “Even sick, you’re incorrigible.”

“But you love me anyway.”  It was surprising how easily that word came from Jack’s lips, when it entailed saying it to Ianto.

“You know I do.  Now, rest.  I’m sure I can trust you with Owen.”  Shooting a glare in the medic’s direction, Ianto left the room.

“Now you’ve gotten me on tea-boy’s bad side,” Owen growled.  “Thanks a lot, Harkness.”

“That’s Harkness-Jones,” Jack answered back, almost by instinct.

“Yeah, you say that every time.”  Owen pushed himself off the wall he’d been leaning against.  “Look, I might give you shit, but you two are my best friends…well, except from Tosh, so don’t tell her I said that, okay?”

Owen and Toshiko?  Damnit, Jack wanted that particular memory back!

“Did you tell Ianto everything?”

“Hell yeah,” Owen answered.  “It’s more than my life’s worth to hold anything back.  Besides, if I hadn’t, Martha would’ve.  You know she adores the both of you.”

From the little that Jack could recall, he did seem to know that.

“Well, at least it’s out in the open,” Jack sighed.  

“I need to head out,” Owen said, “gotta make sure I’m presentable or a certain someone will have my arse, and I hate getting on Tosh’s bad side.”  He ambled toward the door, turning once he got there.  “Have Ianto call me if anything else happens, you got it?”

Jack answered with a small salute.

It didn’t take long for the silence to get to him.  Throwing off the duvet, Jack put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, then made his way down the hall, where his daughter’s bedroom was.  The door was open, and Jack found himself leaning against the jamb as Mairwen frantically searched her dresser for something, wearing only a bathrobe, with her hair already done in soft ringlets around her pretty face.

She was absolutely gorgeous, and Jack felt his heart melt.

“I can’t find the earrings Aunt Toshiko let me borrow for today,” she said over her shoulder.  “I could have sworn I put them on the dresser…”

Jack joined in the earring search, even though he didn’t know what they looked like.  He did remember Toshiko’s style though, and felt he could make an educated guess.

“Dad’s mad at you,” she said, a few seconds into the search.

“Yeah, I know.”

“I don’t blame him, you know.  You’d be pissed off at him if he’d hidden something like that from you.”

Jack began moving some of the books that Mairwen had stacked up.  The Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien, Diplomatic Immunity by Bujold, and The Stand by King testified to his daughter’s apparent taste in literature, although he was a bit confused that there wasn’t anything newer in the pile.  “I doubt I’d be ‘pissed’, Mairwen.”

“No, you’re right…you’d be furious.”

It felt odd for his own daughter to be rebuking him.  He was about to retort when he saw a pair of earrings tucked under a dog-eared copy of Pride and Prejudice.  “Are these them?” he asked, lifting them up.

Mairwen grinned.  “That’s them.”  She took them from him, slipping the understated gold dangles into her earlobes.  “Thanks, Dad.”

Then she hugged him.  Jack returned the embrace, but at the same time he was well aware of not really knowing this beautiful young woman.  In that moment it felt inconceivable that he would have forgotten her, and all those little things that he’d seen as she’d grown up.  How was it possible?  What had caused this horrible memory loss?


“Will you quit fidgeting?” Ianto scolded.

“Sorry.”  Jack tried to stand still, but there was something about wearing the fancy tie that made him twitchy. 

Ianto finished tying the thing, and Jack had to admit that the tuxedo looked fantastic on him.   The rich blue and silver of the waistcoat brought out his eyes, and he turned to look at his husband, who took his breath away.

Ianto’s waistcoat was red, with the same silver threads in it that Jack’s had.  Jack still thought that Ianto could have done a better job on them, but at the same time he had to admit that his husband looked positively radiant.  “Have I told you lately just how gorgeous you are?” he said, resting his hands on Ianto’s hips and pulling him closer.

A slight blush painted itself across his pale features.  Yet, Ianto smiled wickedly.  “So are you,” he replied, looping an arm around Jack’s neck.  He brushed his lips across Jack’s, and Jack couldn’t help but moan into it a little.  A flash of his own wedding came to him, and Jack grasped at it, trying to hold it as close as his husband was to him now.

Ianto pulled away reluctantly.  “We need to go,” he said.

Jack grinned, excited despite everything that had happened to him.  “Yep, we need to make sure we get the bride to the church on time.”

He held out his arm to Ianto, who rolled his eyes then took it.  Together, they left their bedroom, gathering Mairwen up as they made their way downstairs.  Their daughter was a vision in her white, off the shoulder gown, the long veil she wore over her styled hair whispering across the floor as she moved.  Her bridesmaids were waiting for them all in the lounge, and they fell in behind the family as the entourage went to meet the limousine that was awaiting them.

Ianto rubbed his eyes, trying to clear the grit from watching too many hours of CCTV footage, in a so-far vain attempt to find any trace of either Jack or John Hart.

The Hub was far too empty, even with three of them in it; Gwen was still at Cardiff CID, hoping to get some sort of lead with the alerts she had them put out.  Without Jack’s larger-than-life personality to fill it, the place reminded Ianto of the four months that Jack had disappeared, running after his Doctor in order to get answers to his immortality.  Ianto had long since forgiven him for it, but he’d made Jack work a bit in order to get back into his life…and his bed.  Jack had persevered, and Ianto thought they were stronger for it.  Guilt ate at him, for his assumption that Jack had stood him up at the restaurant.  He’d far too easily fallen back into old insecurities, and he vowed that it wouldn’t happen again.

If they were able to get Jack back.

They’d been unable to find any further traces of Hart anywhere, but Ianto knew with a working Vortex Manipulator that the ex-Time Agent could have taken Jack anywhere…or any time.  Toshiko was still going over months of Rift data to see if she could find anything, while Ianto and Owen were making themselves blind examining CCTV footage from all over the city. 

So far, no sign.

Jack had once told Ianto that Martha Jones had a direct phone number to reach the Doctor, and had instructed him to call her if anything like this had ever happened.  The problem was that Ianto didn’t trust the Doctor for anything, not after Jack’s admission about the Year he was gone, and what the Doctor had said about Jack in particular.  It also might be a leftover of Ianto’s Torchwood One training, but to him the Doctor was nothing but an interfering alien with a serious God complex.  He believed in his own morality to the exclusion of others, and Ianto knew it wouldn’t take much for him to want to punch the Time Lord’s lights out, especially if he started going on about how ‘wrong’ Jack was.

No, calling the Doctor would only be as a last resort.  Until they had actual proof that Jack had been taken beyond Earth and beyond this time period.

Ianto went back to his search.  The only noises in the Hub were Myfanwy, rustling within her nest, and his fellow teammates as they went about their own work.  He really didn’t know if it would work, even using the fancy face-recognition software that Toshiko had created; so much could be missed, even with both the software and his own eyes looking.  He wondered if he could take a quick break to make some coffee…

A simple chime sounded from Toshiko’s workstation, and Ianto was up out of his chair before he even registered it happening.  Owen must have moved just as fast, because both of them were standing behind Toshiko in seconds.   Ianto’s heart was racing, and he took a deep breath to calm down.

“There was a Rift flair matching Hart’s frequency down by the docks,” she reported, sounding almost breathless.   Her fingers danced over the keys as she pulled up the data.  “It happened just now.”

“Can you get us coordinates?” Ianto asked.  His hand practically clenched on the back of her chair, and a small part of him worried about the fabric under his fingers tearing.

“I can do better than that,” she said.  The larger screen in front of her cleared of the Rift information, and a grainy CCTV image appeared. 

In it stood the unmistakable form of Captain John Hart.

“Well done, Tosh,” Owen murmured.

Toshiko blushed slightly at the compliment.  She hit a key a little too hard, but Ianto doubted she noticed. 

The still frame split into two, the second showing real-time feed from the camera she’d found.  “He’s gone,” Ianto growled.

“Then let’s see what he was up to,” Toshiko said.  The first window fuzzed out as she obviously rewound the footage.  She stopped it after a few seconds, and the frame was empty of anything but a birds’-eye view of a street corner.

After a few seconds, Hart appeared under it in a glow of Rift energy.

The resolution was poor, but John Hart stood out even worse than Jack did.  He glanced around, and then did something at his wrist…obviously his own Vortex Manipulator. 

Then he turned toward the camera.

Despite the bad picture, it was obvious he was grinning.

He lifted two fingers to his temple in a playful salute, then turned and walked out of frame.

Chapter Five


I'm still hoping JB never, ever sees what I did to him in this pic...he'd definitely send a hit-person after me LOL
LOL! I think he looks great with a bit of grey, I really do. And I'll protect you if he comes after you. *laughs*
Grrrrr! Lemme at 'im! I'll tear Hart limb from limb! He's PLAYING with them, the b*****d!

Still no real idea what's real and what's not. Right now, I'm hoping the wedding goes smoothly with no more collapsing by Jack, and that Ianto and the team manage to track down Hart (and presumably Jack) without having to involve the Doctor. He'd probably find some way to blame Jack for being kidnapped.
It does seem that way, doesn't it?

For the rest, you'll just have to read on... *grins*