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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Future Dreams, Past Nightmares - Chapter Six

Future Dreams, Past Nightmares - Chapter Six
Author:  Milady Dragon
Artist: Bookwrm89
Beta: Bookwrm89
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, OFC/OMC, Jack/John Hart (Past); all others implied
Warnings: Language, Violence, Angst, Past MPreg
Spoilers: Up to "Reset", goes AU after that (Owen is still alive)
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, darn it.
Author's Note: This is written for Torchwood Classic Big Bang Round One.   A BIG thank you to Bookwrm89, who not only did the fantastic art, but also beta'd for me.  She really went above and beyond on this. 

Summary:  Jack Harkness has all he's ever dreamed of:  he's mortal once more, married to the man he loves, and it's his only daughter's wedding day.  He only has one problem: he cannot remember the last twenty-five years of his life.  Can his past nightmares affect his near-perfect future?

Chapter Six

The Torchwood SUV barreled through the streets of Cardiff, and Ianto found himself once again reminded of the times when Jack had been with the Doctor.  Him and Toshiko in the back seat, his friend at her terminal, trying to find out more about the area they were heading in to, while Ianto himself prepared the weapons they’d need once they got there.  Owen and Gwen were in the front seat – they’d picked up Gwen at the police station on their way – and they were bickering like children over Owen’s ability to drive.

It was like a severe case of déjà vu.  All they’d need was a Blowfish driving a red sports car to complete the picture.

“The area where Hart appeared is leased warehouse space,” Toshiko reported.  “I’m trying to check into leasing records, to see if anyone’s rented anything lately; it might make our search a bit easier.”

 Ianto quickly checked the clip on the weapon he was holding, halfway listening to what she was saying.  Something was niggling at him, and he wanted to concentrate on trying to figure it out. 

They all knew it was a trap.  After all, Hart had practically invited them to come and find him, when he’d saluted the CCTV camera.  He’d known they’d register the Rift spike, and search the area.  He knew they’d be coming in, guns blazing, in order to save Jack from whatever it was Hart was doing to him.

They’d all discussed this very thing, as they’d headed to the SUV, bringing Gwen in on the conversation once they’d collected her.  Every one of them had come to the same conclusion: if they wanted Jack back, they had to walk into the trap Hart had set up for them.

Ianto knew that Hart wanted Jack.  He’d made that perfectly clear during his one and only visit to Cardiff.  The only thing more important to Hart was money; Hart had practically bragged about that to Ianto while holding him at gunpoint.  So, what was the monetary gain involved with taking Jack prisoner?  Or better yet…what did Hart expect to get from leading Torchwood into an obvious trap?  Because, if his team was dead Jack wouldn’t go anywhere with Hart; instead, he’d most likely kill the bastard. 

There had to be another motive.

Of course, Hart was a psychopath.  There was no telling what the man had planned.  Maybe he was just delusional enough to think Jack would leave with him if there wasn’t anything holding him to Earth?

It didn’t take long to get where they were going, since Owen was driving.  Jack was, of course, worse, but Owen ranked up there; however, there was a really good reason they never let Toshiko behind the wheel, and it didn’t have anything to do with her height, despite what Owen said about hating to adjust the seat after her. 

Ianto passed out loaded weapons, and then they all left the SUV.  It was quiet; there were warehouses on both sides of the street, and a breeze whistled between them, setting Ianto’s teeth on edge.  None of them knew what they were walking in to, and yet they’d each decided that Jack was worth heading into Hart’s obvious trap in order to rescue him.

Toshiko had her PDA out, scanning the area.  “There was a new lease taken out on that building,” she pointed toward their left, and when Ianto glanced in that direction the CCTV camera on its tall pole was obvious.  “Someone rented a partial space inside a week ago.  They gave the name Jack Franklin, according to the leasing information I found.”

“Using Jack’s first name,” Owen snorted, “real subtle that.”

“But where did Franklin come from?” Gwen asked, holding her gun at the ready. 

“Probably made it up,” Owen shrugged.

Ianto didn’t think so, but he didn’t say anything.  There were a lot of things they didn’t know about their leader, and he was willing to bet it would mean something to Jack.

“Ianto,” Owen said, stepping back into the leadership role he’d held while Jack had been gone, “you and Tosh head toward the back.  Gwen and I’ll take the front.”

Together, he and the technician did as Owen bid, their guns out and ready as they made their way toward the rear of the warehouse.  They didn’t need to say anything; they’d learned that they worked together well, which was the reason Owen had paired them.  Ianto toggled on his comm., knowing that Toshiko had done the same.  His heartbeat began to speed up, nerves and adrenaline kicking in the closer they got to their goal.  When he’d first been headhunted by Torchwood One, never in his wildest dreams had Ianto ever thought he’d become a field agent.

And yet, there he was, rushing in to save his lover from a rather psychotic ex.

Life just didn’t go the way he’d planned it, and Ianto found he preferred it that way.

Toshiko still had her PDA out, its soft beeping barely echoing against the metal of the building.   He looked at her; she nodded slightly, and Ianto interpreted that to mean she was getting some sort of reading from within the warehouse.  That did lend credence to this place being where Hart had gone.

They reached the rear; there was a large dock door nearest them, and beside it a regular-sized door that Ianto tried…and found unlocked. 

“Expecting us?” Toshiko whispered, tightening her grip on her weapon.

“It would seem so,” he whispered back. 

“Are you in position?” Owen’s soft voice registered over their comms.

Ianto acknowledged him. 

Then, he very carefully opened the door.

Inky blackness and the smell of damp wood met them as they made their way inside.  Ianto scrabbled in his pocket for the torch he’d brought with them, knowing that the light would give away their presence but also knowing they’d need it if they weren’t expected to trip over their own feet.   

The torch beam illuminated their way, Ianto leading and Toshiko watching his back.  The warehouse wasn’t full by any means, but crates and boxes towered over them as they made their way down one of the many aisles that led deeper into the building.  Toshiko had said that Hart had rented only a partial space; they would have to find it, in order to find Jack. 

The faint noise that the PDA made seemed louder once they were inside, and Ianto wanted to tell her to turn it off; but then, if their torch wasn’t going to give them away, the PDA certainly wouldn’t.  Still, the place looked and felt completely empty, and despite himself Ianto felt nerves crawling up and down his spine. 

Somewhere at the front of the building, Owen and Gwen would be doing the same thing, scanning for any sign of Jack or John Hart.  Somewhere, something skittered across concrete and Ianto spun in the direction he thought it was, but his mind was supplying rat even as he was relaxing back into the wariness he’d adopted since setting foot inside.

Toshiko moved closer, putting the scanner in front of his face so he could see the energy reading she was getting.  She jerked her chin forward and to the left, and Ianto followed her lead, understanding what the PDA was saying and knowing it had to be where Hart was holding Jack.

As they got closer, Ianto could make out a light coming from that direction, and he clicked off the torch in order to get a better bead on its location.  It took his eyes a few seconds to get used to the dimness, and as soon as he was he began to lead the way. The faint beeping the PDA had been making was gone; Toshiko would have put it away, now that they could tell where they were going.

He wondered where Owen and Gwen were, but didn’t dare call out to them on the comm., not wanting to draw attention to their presence.

The line of crates he’d been following ended, and Ianto led with his weapon around the corner, as Jack had taught him.  There were a line of offices ahead; the light was coming from one of them, and Ianto thought he could hear muted voices coming from within.  Once again he glanced at Toshiko, and she nodded in agreement.

A faint scuffing had Ianto spinning on his heel, bringing his gun up.  He found himself staring at Owen, who had crept up to their location, Gwen just behind him, her eyes wide in the gloom.

Together, the team made their near-silent way toward the lighted office.  The windows that opened out into the warehouse had blinds drawn across them; the light was seeping out from between the slats.  Ianto took a deep breath, stopping the sudden urge he had to race inside, knowing that he would most likely only get himself killed that way.  But there was a need to save Jack, and it wasn’t any stronger than it was in that moment, knowing that he could be just behind that closed door.

Owen made a gesture, pointing toward himself and Gwen, and then toward the office, indicating the solid lower part of the wall.  He then pointed to Ianto and Toshiko, and directed them to the wall of the darkened office just next door.  Ianto nodded, understanding.

Padding forward far quieter than he should have in his dress shoes, Ianto darted toward the empty office, Toshiko at his back.  He could see Owen and Gwen in his peripheral vision, moving toward their designated positions.  The glass was a bit cold even through his suit jacket as he rested against it, glancing toward Toshiko to make sure she was where she needed to be, and then back to Owen, who with Gwen was squatting just out of window range. 

Owen held up a hand, counting down from three.  As he got to one, Ianto reached out and grasped the doorknob in a hand that had suddenly begun to sweat.  His heart was racing in his chest as he readied himself for Owen’s raised fist.

When it came, he twisted the knob and flung the door open.

What he saw inside the office turned his insides to ice.

The office furniture had all been shoved up against the walls, leaving the middle of the room open.  In that space was a gurney, and on that gurney laid their missing boss – and Ianto’s missing lover – Jack.

He had a strange sort of helmet over his head, attached goggles over his eyes and his ears covered by curved pieces that fit snuggly down to his jaw line.  Jack was strapped down, but he wasn’t moving; there was an unnatural slackness in his body that had Ianto wondering if he wasn’t dead.  Fury overcame whatever fear he’d been feeling, and he walked inside, his gun up and covering the two men who were apparently responsible for Jack being in this shape.

“Don’t move,” Owen snapped, coming in just behind Ianto.  He took one glance at Jack and cursed, but Ianto’s attention didn’t waver from the pair who was cautiously moving away from Jack’s body.

John Hart hadn’t changed much; although Ianto thought he looked just a little older than the last time he’d been in Cardiff.  He stepped away from his accomplice, his hands raised and away from the guns he wore at his waist.  He actually looked pleased to see them.

The other man Ianto didn’t know, but there was something a bit familiar about him.

He had short brown hair and light colored eyes, and would have been handsome if it weren’t for the fact that his face was screwed up in sheer fury.  He was dressed in strange-looking clothing in shades of brown, and a scar ran down the right side of his neck and into his tunic. 

Somehow, Ianto knew that this person was even a bigger threat than Hart was.

“Cover them,” Owen snapped.  He didn’t put his gun away, but he did head over to Jack’s prone body, as both Toshiko and Gwen entered the office, their own guns up and pointed toward the two men.

“How did you find this place?” the stranger snarled.

His accent made Ianto frown.  It was that strange American-that-wasn’t-quite-American that Jack had, and even as he was flexing his finger on the trigger his mind was working overtime on trying to identify who this person was.

When it clicked, Ianto felt the breath leave his lungs.

This young man was somehow related to Jack.

“Shit,” Owen growled.  “Cuff ‘em and we’ll take them back to the Hub for questioning.  We need to get Harkness out of here.”

“Can you remove that?” Gwen asked, not taking her eyes from their prisoners even as she reached around to the handcuffs she was carrying. 

“Don’t know what it is,” the medic admitted.  “I don’t dare do anything until Tosh has had a bash at it.”

Behind the young man, Hart was making gestures, and Ianto interpreted them to mean that he knew what it was, but didn’t dare say anything. 

“I know you all,” the stranger shouted.  “You’re his precious team, and you,” he stabbed a finger toward Ianto, as if he hoped to kill him with the digit, “are the key to my revenge!”  He looked as if he were going to leap at them at any moment, reason clearly pushed aside for whatever vengeance he wanted to take against Jack.

Ianto didn’t react, but he wondered just where this obviously insane person had gotten that idea.  Yes, he was in a relationship with Jack, but he didn’t pretend that it was anything long-term.  He would grow old – or Torchwood would kill him before his time – and that would leave Jack alone.  He was well aware that he’d never totally have the captain’s heart, and while that hurt he certainly understood it.

Gwen had moved forward, the handcuffs in one hand; she handed her gun to Toshiko in order to have both free.  Thus, she was unarmed when the man made to grab her.

Ianto had fired before he’d even realized it.

Blood bloomed on the man’s brown tunic, and he stumbled backward, surprise written all over his face.  A second bloodstain appeared as well, and he knew that Toshiko had fired at the same time, her aim just as true as Ianto’s own.  The stranger fell to his knees, as he tried to move his hand toward his wrist.

Ianto moved quickly when he saw the wrist strap there.

Afterward, when asked how he’d managed to get it off before the man could use it, Ianto would have absolutely no clue.  All he knew was he suddenly had a handful of Vortex Manipulator, and Jack’s kidnapper was on his back, staring up at him with such hate in his eyes that Ianto involuntarily took a step backward.

Then those eyes closed, and the strange young man who resembled Jack took his last breath.

“That was Jack’s brother, Gray.”

Ianto turned to regard John Hart.  He’d come quietly, which surprised them all considering that he’d had a hand in kidnapping Jack.  He was cuffed to a chair in the main Hub; they hadn’t wanted to take him down to the cells, wanting to deal with Jack’s near-lifeless body first.  Jack was currently lying on the table in the autopsy bay, the strange helmet still covering his head.

‘I found Gray.’

He recalled Hart flinging that phrase toward Jack as the Rift had taken him after the affair with the Arcadian diamond.  Jack had stayed mum on just what that had meant, and now it looked as if that silence had come back to bite them all.

And Ianto had been responsible for Gray’s death.  It was the last thing he wanted to tell Jack.

“What is that thing?” Gwen demanded hotly.  “And why did Jack’s own brother kidnap him?”

“Gray was nuts,” Hart said without remorse.  “He went through a horrific time and blamed Jack for it.  I tried to help…but he fooled me into thinking that he only wanted to find Jack to reunite with him.  And he attached a bomb to me.”  He looked at Toshiko.  “Gorgeous, if you could find your way to figuring out how to get it off, I’d be eternally grateful.”

Toshiko snorted.  “I’m not sure I want your gratitude.”  She was busily scanning the device on Jack, frowning at the readings.  “This thing is putting off chronometric particles.”

“Yep, it does that,” Hart answered.  “It’s a Chronolicron.  Party trick, actually, but Gray did something to it.”

“What does it do?”  Toshiko asked, getting that look in her eyes that spoke of her love of new tech.

“Well, if it were working properly it allows the wearer‘s mind to travel along their own past timeline and allow them to see through their own younger self’s eyes.  But Gray messed with it, and now it’s showing Jack his future.”

“Why his future?” Gwen asked.  She was keeping a steady gun on Hart, most likely remembering the last time she’d had to deal with him.

“Cause Gray wanted to know how to destroy it, and thus destroy Jack.”

“Can we see what Jack’s seeing?” Ianto asked, intrigued.

“You can,” Hart admitted, “but I don’t recommend it, Eye Candy.”

God, he hated when Hart called him that.

“Do you know what it shows?” Gwen inquired.

“I know enough to realize that Jack’s never been mine.”  His eyes turned to Ianto, and there was something in them that made him almost feel sorry for the psychopath.


“How do we get it off him?” Owen demanded.

“See, that’s the problem,” Hart said.  “Whatever Gray did to it, it messed it up enough that he couldn’t get Jack’s mind back in his body.  I went into the future to find him – “

“You did?” Toshiko asked.  “So he’s all right?”

“Just fine, although a bit confused.  He’s got huge holes in his memory which is explained by the fact that he hasn’t actually lived those years yet.”

Ianto felt sick.  He couldn’t imagine Jack being trapped in a place and time he didn’t know, with no knowledge of how he got there.  And with his immortality, he could literally be any time. 

And yet, Gray had claimed to have seen Ianto in that future, which meant it couldn’t be that far ahead.  Still, it would have been a shock for Jack to suddenly have no idea what had happened.

Toshiko went back to work on scanning the Chronolicron.  “The reason we can’t get it off probably has to do with the changes that were made to its basic function.  How does someone get back from the past?”

“Just taking it off works,” Hart said.  “But the time Gray tried it, Jack nearly had a stroke.  He didn’t want to wreak his revenge if his brother didn’t know about it because his mind was gone, so he left it on.”

“Can you figure it out?” Ianto asked quietly.

Toshiko gave him a confident grin.  “Are you kidding?  Just watch me.”

Chapter Seven


It's impossible to imagine how Jack will feel when he knows Gray is dead - and Ianto is responible. I just hope Jack will remember enough of his future to know that he loves Ianto and wants that life with him, and that Gray was set on making sure he wouldn't have it. That's assuming they can even get Jack's mind back into his present body without causing damage. Still, Tosh has worked miracles before, so the chances are good.
Of course, by now you've read the answers to your questions... :)